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When Eclipse decides to repopulate the Black Aliens on Möbius can Shadow stop him?
The night sky grew to black as the only viewable thing was the glowing eyes of a menacing alien who just escaped death at the hands of Knuckles the Echidna, guardian of the Master Emerald, and Shadow the Hedgehog, a creation made by Doctor Gerald Robotnik through the use of blood donated by Black Doom in hopes of leading the Black Arms into taking the planet but instead betrayed his kind and saved his new home, Eclipse being left as the last of the said race almost was successful in taking the power source of Angel Island Knuckles worked so hard to protect which he could've used to further his plans on dominating the planet and making his revenge upon his traitorous brother. But now he needed to first figure out not only to survive himself but to raise the Black Wisps as well.
Yes, the Black Wisps were not only beings who could serve as power-ups for him but were treated as if they were his children which brought Eclipse an interesting idea. Eclipse knew that he could transform into a hulking version of himself but that burned up his metabolism making it difficult to keep the form but if he focused he could be able to transform his body into a different form that wouldn't burn up his metabolism: changing his gender to female. Doing that would allow him to serve as the mother the Black Wisps so very much need as well as ensuring a future for the Black Alien race through the making of offspring. Eclipse did remember that female Black Aliens had an interesting ability they would occasionally use whenever Black Doom ordered them to do so: they could convert other beings into black aliens just like them, even controlling what gender they would be when they would come out with them being put into the hive mind. Luckily for Eclipse being the last one left he would be the top of the hive mind if he chose to transform his body to complete the mission but at this point did he have many more choices?
Eclipse would sigh as he began to focus on what form he wanted his body to take like he would when taking his hulking form, knowing this would be more difficult due to not taking this form before. He would yell as he slowly began to feel the pain of his inner organs changing, claws and hair grew as sweat began to pour out of his glands while his body began to take on a new shape. Noticing this the darkling smiled which made the transformation to seem much quicker, after only a few more minutes Eclipse stood admiring her new body, rubbing both hands against it she knew it would be perfect for her plans as she knocked a tree down to test that she still had her strength, it was time to get to work...
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