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A couple rediscovers their marriage during a dreary March weekend.
Word Count -1321

As Nancy drove home from work, she kept wondering how to have 'the conversation' with her husband, Ralph. This past winter had been rough, both the weather and their marriage, and now Nancy was prepared to issue her husband an ultimatum. He needed to either start seeing to her 'needs' or he needed to admit the marriage was over. She turned off the interstate just as her car veered to the side of the road. Nancy gained control of her car but not her emotions. Soon, tears streamed down her face. She continued driving home, hoping that Ralph would understand.

The snow began to taper as she pulled the station wagon into the driveway. She pressed the remote, and the garage door opened. From inside the garage, Nancy could hear some kind of music coming from the house. Are those Caribbean steel drums? She heard Ralph scurrying around the kitchen as she turned her key in the door. Yes, those were steel drums she heard. Ralph stood in the center of the kitchen, surrounded by Tiki lights and tropical decorations, wearing nothing but his Lotus flower swim trunks. Nancy tried not to giggle at his beer gut and tufts of grey hair. He handed her a brown shopping bag and directed her into the bathroom. A mixture of coconut oil and ocean air wafted through the hallway.

Once in the bathroom, Nancy opened the bag and removed the contents. Nancy could not believe her eyes, in the bag had been a pink bikini with matching cover-up and flip-flops. When she reentered the kitchen, Ralph placed a lei around her neck and a kiss upon her cheek.

“What are you up to?” Nancy asked, as her husband took a Hawaiian pizza from the oven.

“You have been working so hard, and I thought a ‘staycation vacation’ would be just what we needed to reconnect.”

Ralph cut the pizza into eight slices and turned to his wife, who sat at the table, dumbfounded. He walked behind her and rubbed her stiff shoulders. She could feel strength in his hands, a strength she had not felt since he lost his job the year before. She tilted her head into his palm just as his other hand dipped to her breast. Nancy started as he touched her.

“Dinner can wait,” he whispered in her ear.

Ralph slowly cupped each of her breasts, feeling the nipples harden through the thin material. She shifted in the chair, half in surprise and half in sheer delight. It had been months since they had made love and she wanted him…bad. She stood up from the table and hugged him. His hands still on her breasts, she guided her own hands down his chest and then rested them on his cock. She could feel it throbbing through his trunks.

“Not yet, my dear. We have all evening.”

Ralph lead her to the bedroom, where the bed was turned down and covered in red rose petals.
Nancy sighed in anticipation and sat on the edge of their bed. Ralph sat next to her, kissing her. Soon he opened his mouth slightly and slid his tongue over her lips. Nancy parted her lips and his tongue met hers. This was a passion they had not felt in months; years. He untied her top and let it fall to the floor. She smiled and tilted her head back as he rubbed his open palms over each perfectly round breast. He took her left nipple in between his thumb and index finger, pinching ever so lightly until she moaned in delight. Her moaning increased as he kissed and nibbled upon the other breast. With a swift motion, she ran her hand over his growing member.

“I want it. I NEED it!”

“Not yet, my love,” he removed her bikini bottom as he spoke, “first I take care of you. Now, who is my naughty girl?”

Nancy lay back on the bed, her knees bent at the edge of it. Ralph stood up, his cock protruding out the front of his trunks. Just the sight of that caused Nancy to sigh. He spread her legs slightly and removed his shorts. She spread her legs wider, begging him to enter. He knelt down and kissed her inner thighs. His fingers were exploring her as she raised her head. She reached for one of the pillows and propped her head and shoulders up on it.

“You are ready, aren’t you?”

Ralph smiled as he guided his fingers around her vagina and up to her clit. As his fingers glanced past her clit she arched her back and moaned. She began to circle her pelvis, and he gently pushed his index finger up into her. As she moved back and forth to meet his thrust, he pushed two fingers in, then three. It was more than she could stand, soon she sat straight up and pressed his fingers deeper into her hot, wet pussy.

“Fuck me, NOW!”

“Oh, you are a naughty girl!”

“Yes, oh YES!” with that she came.

It was the first time in quite a while, but it wouldn’t be the only time that weekend.With Nancy still writhing on the bed, Ralph pushed her further up on it. He held his cock in his hand and asked her if she still wanted it. A faint ‘yes’ was all he heard and was all he needed. He spread her legs as far as he could and dropped himself between them. He took his hands and rested them upon her breasts, watching her face fill with longing.

“Do you want me? In you? Is that what you want?”

“Yes, YES!”

“Tell me what you want. Talk dirty to me… or you won’t get what you want,” he was grinning as he said this.
His hips thrusting toward her but his cock not entering…yet.

“I want you in me,” her voice faltering, begging. “ I need you all the way in me. I NEED you to put it all in me, in my hot, wet pussy. Oh fuck me! I need you to fuck me. I want it rough. Play with my breasts, pinch them, spank me. Oh, get inside me. Fill me with your cock, fill me!”

He couldn’t take it anymore. The more she spoke, the harder he grew. He grabbed her shoulder with his left hand and guided his large penis into her with the other. Once inside her he began to thrust. Her whole body shifted up and down with each movement he made. He kissed her open mouth and then bit at her nipples. She reached down and grabbed his ass, trying to pull him deeper into her. Her toes flexed as he increased his pace. Then, he slowed. He began to withdraw slightly and rotated his pelvis around, hitting her in all the right places at all the right times. He pulled back again and then drove into her. With a slight scream of ecstasy she met his every thrust.
He came in her, for the first time, that night. But, it would not be the last time. As he slipped out of her, he fell onto his side of the bed. She snuggled up, under his arm, and the two of them fell asleep.
Sometime after midnight they awoke, starving and thirsty. She headed to the kitchen to grab the pizza, and he headed to the wine cellar. After eating some of the pizza, they made love again. This time was with less frenzy but just as enjoyable.
At daybreak Ralph woke her up. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

She looked confused.

“You called from work, yesterday. You said we needed to talk.”

“I thought we needed a vacation… I see you felt the same way. I think this Tropical Staycation was just what we needed. Thank you!”

As he kissed her, all of her concerns drifted away.
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