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A flash fiction story about a maiden, the sun god Apollo, and the war god Aries.
The maiden brushed back her elegant golden hair, as she walked lightly across the enchanted garden. The gentle wind soothed her nerves. Dusk was coming upon the land rapidly. Only the stars could shine through the shadows. She was glorious, and her beauty radiated a loving embrace. Along the waterfalls, the maiden would dance. Gaining her power from such sources. Water was her element, her kingdom. The deep blue eyes attested to her legacy. The maiden stopped when she noticed someone approaching her from the garden. Aries raised his hand to greet her,

"Hello, my dear. What a lovely view to witness such a spectacle."

"Thank you Aries, how kind of you. What brings you to the falls?"

"My, my, beautiful and direct. Then I will be direct as well. Currently, the battle my forces are engaged in, are very close to victory. When that day comes, I shall rule over mighty empires. I would love for you to reign by my side. As queen of course."

"That's a generous offer, but..."

Aries placed his finger over the maiden's lips, he wouldn't allow rejection.

"Shh, these lips must be tired from all of this talk. Let mine invigorate you."

He embraced her before she had a chance to answer or react. She tried hard to resist, but it proved to be difficult. After a moment of trying to escape and proving futile, she gave in and was passionately kissing the war god back. It was about this time when Apollo came walking through the garden area and spotted the two in the distance. He saw them kissing under the waterfalls. Apollo was confused. He loved the maiden and had believed that she had returned his love. How could this be happening to him? The passion between Aries and the maiden ignites a fiery rage in Apollo's heart. He hunches over slightly, before jumping a couple hundred feet in the air, crushing the ground beneath him. Apollo levitates while emitting massive amounts of energy. Out of jealousy, he explodes. Destroying himself and relinquishing his position in the heavens.

The maiden breaks away from Aries while he's in shock. She runs as fast as she can towards the wreckage. Her long white dress, trailing in a path behind her. Small embers glow throughout the destroyed garden area. It was Apollo's love that grew the flowers originally. She kneels down besides a dead rose and weeps.
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