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Both The Incident and Is It All Real in one pack
"Hey Tiny look at this kill!" Scrappy said in excitement "This is the biggest one I killed yet! He said holding a huge rabbit in his teeth

"Look Scrappy don't need to say that every time you kill something just put it in the bag and we will head back after a few more hours." Tiny said looking into the woods. "Hold up!" He said focusing into the part of the woods with twigs breaking and it sounded like it was coming from all sides of them!

"Hold your ground it's probably just wild animals..." Scrappy tried to sound brave but terror on his face.

"Just shut up and hold your ground they will pass on!" Tiny yelled "Spike light the fire..."

"Hold off!" A wolf jumped out of the woods then a few more came out and surrounded them!

"Lawless!" Tiny said getting ready to attack.

"Spike get Scrappy out of here! I got these lawless pig stuffers!" Tiny said as he was ready to attack

"Umm... We all may need to fight Tiny!"

"Why!" Tiny yelled back

"Cause they surrounded us!" Scrappy said terrified

"Attack them boys!" With that they all attacked Tiny jumped in and started to attack their pack leader.

"Just a small pup has me? Guys take them all out I got this one!" With that he jumped at Tiny too!

After hearing loads of others yelping for their lives and other fighting! After a few seconds of fighting. Their pack leader pinned down Tiny and whispered in his ear. "Thanks to your stupid brother we found your hunting spot... I will give you some mercy." After he snapped Tiny saw a flash!

"Ahh!" I woke up sprung up and ready to attack then I realized I'm still in the camp. It's been a good year or so since that incident with the Lawless.

I'm Tiny Wolf a proud member of the DawnPack, a rival to the DuskPack about days walk from here and in between us the days worth of Lawless. I used to be a hunter. I will go out and do little hunting but really close to the area so I won't get attacked by them again.

Last time was the last time I lost my brother. Not to the wolves after we got back and we all had been saved by my little big and somewhat dumb brother.

We had a trial and it was yes him who brought the Lawless to us by the way he saved enough wolves to not be executed but what did ended up happening was he was banished to the Lawless Land in punishment for bringing them to us anyways.

After my weekly rounds with a quick hunt to try and help out the community a little while we still train the trainee to hunt until they are good enough alone so we can get bigger kills to help feed everyone and not go by elders children women and finally us. Me I'm caveless I have like no area to basically stay even though I am a technical hunter but not really. I'm suppose to be a scout a person to help spot lawless or the DuskPack come towards us.

"Hey...umm..." I said to another wolf

"Hi..." She looked confused while I sat there for a second looking through my bag

"Umm... One second I got something." I said pulling out a rabbit offered it to her

"Oh thanks!" She said as she took it "My name is Nova and this is my daughter Buttercup I don't like rabbit all that much but she loves them to death." Nova said as Buttercup gave that rabbit a hungry eye.

"My name is Tiny Wolf I'm the only close range hunter only going out as far as rabbits and squirrels." I said thinking how stupid that sounds

"That's lovely Tiny!" Nova said " At least we have someone who is willing to go and get food for us and our families!"

"Yeah..." I said scratching my head

"Ever since that incident not a lot of people been going out to at least to try and go get food. I mean we got a few farmers but that food is extremely good but not a lot of people eat it. Then the attack a few months ago that cut off our water supply until after that war was done." She explained and I very much remember them as well as my worse nightmare! The Lawless they are the only thing you should be afraid by out there now. Starving to death drowning I would even take burning to death then to be stuck with them. I'm kinda lucky they didn't but it was one of those warning attacks but if they wanted to they could have just eaten me. Those sick bastards do lots of stuff like that. They are worse then hell cause at least the devil gives you the bit of the doubt.

"So... Would you like to... Umm... Want to go hunting with me... Sometime this week?" I said so nervous I felt she would say no

"That would be lovely!" I was wrong!

"Okay well when ever you want to go hunting you know where to find me." I said

"No I don't I just let you basically." She said

"See that hill with a tree and a sign?" I said

"Yes I do!"

"Well that's where you will find me and if I'm by there trial rock or out in the hot spring keeping an eye out for squirrels rabbits or even lawless or DuskPacks."

"Okay those 3 spots I will take a note of that." She said writing that down on a bit of oak bark with a knife made of stick sap that hardens like glue and a sharp arrowhead

"We'll see you then. Come on buttercup let's head back before it rains... If it rains." With that they were off and I was walking to my hill.

"Hopefully it's all good. Maybe... Maybe he is still out there" I started to think about that dream I had just this morning "he has to be out there... He was getting pretty big kills if he can keep that up he may... Maybe himself well his old self..." I said as it started to rain so I took shelter under the tree and wait till it blows over or my shift for the scouting or I fall asleep.

"Hey Tiny, you got more for me and my family... If not then my pups?" A female wolf said as she stood over me with sad puppy eyes.

"Yeah I can spare my dinner for the night." I said as I picked up a dead crow and a small rabbit and gave it to her.

"God bless you Tiny... I have no idea what I can do without you this so thanks... My kids can eat tonight... My name is Milo I heard so much about you and thought if anything to stop watching my kids starve to death..." She said with tears in her eyes so I got up and comfort her

"It's alright I hunt for several other families to stop from that happening... I don't want to see anyone die... They deserve to live a life where they can eat and have fun. I can go a night without eating here." I said handing her a dead raccoon.

"Nonsense you need your strength to help and keep this place going Tiny." She said handing the raccoon back to me

"You need it to care for your children." I said slowly pushing her paw back.

"Are you sure?" She asked me

"Yeah I eat the stuff we grow to keep my energy up plus I always get a little something for myself when I'm out there. I get a crow but since your pups need it more then me I can give it up for them and for you to eat." I explained as she walk away.

"May god be with you Tiny and may good fortune come your way." With that she was gone

"Well I see you met Milo, Tiny." Spike said as he limped to me

"Yeah she seems to be a nice wolf." I replied to him

"Yeah people say she does deal in with black magic and witchcraft but if she did you'd think she would make hunting easier and keep the lawless away or kill them off." He said

"Well Spike stuff can't always go like that. If anything she can give people good fortune and maybe even good luck... But I have no clue plus we have better things to do." I said

"Like what my leg is crap since that day... The best they did were sticks rope and herbs to stop the pain, and look now I am still limping and still have those nightmares about that night." Spike said with his serious face

"Well hey we all can't rub it off and continue without some help I still have dreams about my brother being out there. Maybe he is maybe he isn't but I need to know for sure!" I said

"Well good luck with that then, I need to go back to the cave, want to spend a night? I see you under this tree and unsure if it's comfy or not and judging on how much you turn and move I think it's not comfy." Spike said

"I'll be good." I replied

"Well if you do you know where to find me... Plus it looks like it's gonna rain. Later Tiny." With that he was gone limping back to his cave and here I am here under this tree until I can find a permanent place and I kinda like Nova. I started thinking about her all that night. I closed my eyes for a seconds.

I woke up but not where I remembered falling asleep! I was in the middle of the woods, even worse it's we're that incident happened! "No, no, no, no!" I said getting up and looking around

"Get'm boys!" With that everything was coming to view and I saw the fight go down. Everything and everyone who was fighting and either failing or succeeding. "What you just gonna stand there Tiny!" I saw Spike yell at me so I started to fight with them.

"Hmm, a pup is getting me?" One of the lawless said "This will be easy!"

With that I attacked the pack leader for all he is worth. "Lil' pup we found your camp by following your stupid brother!" He said pulling off my bandana I have around my neck revealing a scar but not just any scar. The scar all those Lawless have but it was freshly cut open.

"Great to have another snack!" With that he snapped but he froze in place while his jaw was just wrapped around my throat.

"Hmm?" Was all I could say I was terrified on moving but I still felt the blood rush from that scar then the leader of the pack just got off and disappeared in thin air.

"Tiny the kill is huge!" With the I turned and saw Scrappy sitting there next to a huge rabbit. It was bigger then me! "This can save all of the camp for years and years to come!" He said in excitement and exaggeration.

"Well I don't know about years but this will keep the camp for months." I said walking over to it in disbelief.

"Well let's lug this back to the camp Scrappy." I said grabbing a hold on to of it's fur getting a grip.

"No Tiny... I mean for us." With that he shows his Lawless scar "you have one too, let's take it back to them." He said as he pointed to the group of lawless.

"Umm..." Was all I can say I was terrified for my life we ran away from that group cause of they were heartless hell spawners.

"What's the matter we been with them for years. If you want to take this rabbit to the DawnPack as a distraction so we can kill them that's a terrific plan! Nice thinking... I would never been able to make that plan!" Scrappy said grabbing the rabbit and started to lug it towards the camp and the rest of the lawless pack followed and helped Scrappy bring it to the DawnPack's camp!

"This has to be a dream... Maybe I will wake up soon!" I said to myself but Scrappy heard.

"Nope this is real, we will take over the DawnPack's camp and take it over as our own. Enough room for everyone and no room for outsiders." Scrappy said as the rest of the pack repeated what he said about enough room.

"I have to warn Nova and Buttercup!" I said to myself and began to go a head letting go of the rabbit

"Hey bro where you going?" Scrappy said looking at me

"I'm... Uhh... Gonna scope the place out to make sure the guards aren't there so we get attacked and killed." I lied as I ran a head

"Again with the great ideas! You guys see why I love him. He always has our backs." I over heard as I ran a head

After getting closer it seemed that I started to hear yelping, screaming and even crying. As I got over the hill I saw the rabbit in front of the camp burning and I even saw lots of wolves dead in front of the camp!

I ran up to them "Shoot I'm too late!" I said running into the camp through the broken door "Nova, Buttercup!" I screamed running in!

"Nova?" Scrappy said walking up and worst about how he looked was he was covered in wolf blood! "Who is she? A girl you had your eye on?" He said, as I had my eyes locked onto his and saw he was too far gone. Just as I feared I heard someone yell a girl and out of the blue I saw a arrow go through his head and he went limp.

"Tell me why I shouldn't put a arrow though your head Lawless!" And as I suspected who it was

"Nova!" I said in disbelief "Thank god your okay!"

"How do you know my name?" She said as she took the arrow in it of Scrappy's head. "Speak up or die lawless!"

"I'm Tiny Wolf, I helped you and your daughter with food for the night..." My heart was beating out of my chest I was so scared.

"No one helped with anything for me and her!" She said with the arrow digging in my neck where the scar is sitting.

"I didn't kill or do anything wrong here!" I then said as a group of Lawless were behind us.

"You better be telling the truth if not then I will stick this arrow through your eye into your killing you if not then make you bleed to death. Come on!" With that she took out a arrow and shot a few and then grabbed me by the my arm and we ran towards a cave and when I got in there a few people blocked it with a large board and a bolder.

"Who is this stranger in here?" A elderly woman said

"This is... Umm what's your name?" Nova said

"My name is Tiny, Tiny Wolf." I said as she looked at me with her eyes looking like she is starring through me and into my soul.

"My name is Milo." She said as she stuck her paw out to me

"Ti..." She interrupted me

"Tiny Wolf I heard, I know about you and also you need to..."

"Hey Tiny wake up." I was woken up by spike.

"Oh, hey Spike." I said but when I looked up at him I saw something I didn't want to.

He had the scar too! The scar was just cause I forgot, the scar is a double L and so it's noticed they burn the fur around it off. And it hurts a lot depending where they put it. On me and Scrappy, my brother it was our necks. That's the reason I have my bandana on.

"Yeah...?" I replied to him waking me up

"I have something to say." He said as I got up and stretchedt

"What's that?" With that he shoved me to a tree and took out the arrow and put it to my neck where the scar is.

"Who do you work for!" With that it dug deeper

"What...?" I said grunting in pain as he pushed it deeper and deeper yet.

"I know it's not lawless cause that day!" He said "You saved a girl and her pup along with a few others!"

"Just do it I don't want to freaking keep doing what you do you stupid stuffed pig!" I yelled at him

"Good cause I am!" He said as he shoved the arrow into my neck, I'd expect me to yelp in pain and die but it just went through and as it touched my spine that's when I saw a flash.

"Hey wake up man!" Spike was shaking me up

"What?" I said jolting up

"Dude your freakin bleeding everywhere!" Spike said as I felt where it was bleeding which was the scar where so I grabbed my bandana and held it there. "Hey lets go to the Medic Cave." He said as I got up and followed him.

"Yeah let's go." I replied following him to the medical cave

It took five minutes but we made it. As I walked in "Hey I'm gonna go get a fresh rag I will be right back." Spike said as he turned and ran to his cave. He didn't wanted to admit to it but I knew he always had a problem with the medical cave.

"Please just do it!" Was all I heard then a scratch on the rock that he used as a bed for his patients.

"Next wolf come in." He said as he dragged the body on a make shift gurney. "Just don't sit in the table until I get that cleaned. It may be congest by blood." He said as he pulled the body out.

"Okay doc." I said holding the bandana on the ripped open scar.

After a few minutes I was sitting on the floor on the far side of the cave away from the blood on the table or flattened rock.

"Okay I am back... Your gonna need to put this on." The wolf said tossing me something to cover my mouth with.

"Why is that?" I said as he poured some sort of liquid on the rock and then ran out and came back with a pretty big stick and threw it on the liquid and with in seconds it burst into flames!

"The blood will evaporate and I can clean this whole place again, I will just get the stuff we need and we can do it in my cave okay?" But I couldn't hear what he was saying except to go to his cave so I just followed him with the cloth over my face.

After we got to his place, he had me remove my bandana which was soaked with blood and not purple. "Oh my, this is bad. What did you do?" He said taking a clean the wound. "Seems to be pretty... What's this?" He said looking at the wound shape

My heart must have sank to hell and back cause I could swear I can see the devil himself. "... So your apart of the lawless then." He said taking out a sharp stick with something wet covering the top!

"I don't work for them anymore!" I said worrying about what's gonna happen! "I been here for months helping out families and stuff!" I said as he started to try and swing at me.

"Tell me the truth where are the rest of you!" He yelled trying to stab me with the stick! "Tell me!" He screamed as he charged with the stick trying to make a stab. I had no choice but to dodge and trip him.

He hit the ground with a thud, he didn't even move either! "Umm, doc?" I said as I flipped him around.

"You... You will never... Get away with this..." He said as I saw the stake went through his gut. "I can still..." As he tried to get up but he fell back to the ground and went limp.

"Oh crap!" I ran but when I ran out I tripped and started to roll down the hill!

When I opened my eyes I saw a stalagmite and with that I closed my eyes shut tight and as I hit the ground I instantly jolted up and bright awake!
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