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by RBM5
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Part two of the story
The former male Black Alien now, Eclipse the Darkling, returned to her escape pod and began to work on her ship as it soon was able to go into the air. As Eclipse flew over to her wanted destination she noticed the Black Wisps hiding in the back, they were afraid of the new figure before them and wondered who was taking them away from their father figure. "Children it's me Eclipse, you will know soon why I have taken this new form but we do not have time right now to do so, when we land I want you to stay here while I take care of some business." Left in wonder the Wisps looked to each to see if any of their own believed the Darkling's words as she parked the craft in a small clearing surrounded by trees. The alien was quick to hop out of the ship and without much effort changed back into his normal form as he ran over to what he was searching for: the HQ of the area's Egg Boss. The Doctor was dangerous enough that he was able to keep fighting all of the planet's heroes with his mind alone for many years, if Eclipse could obtain him to his side he may be able to take the planet much easier. Getting inside of the HQ wasn't difficult as it seemed there was some sort of recent attack that took place there, once inside Eclipse went into the air vent and made his way to the control room of the building (which took awhile to find) where he saw a lynx and some rodent arguing in front of a computer. "Seems like that rodent failed to take this place from a few heroes...how pathetic!" Eclipse muttered to himself as he awaited the two to leave the room which seemed forever for them to do so. With the coast clear Eclipse knocked open the air vent panel and ran over to the main computer. Using hacking abilities he learned from going into Shadow's mind Eclipse found it easy to override the computer's systems as he now gained control over all machines that ran in the base. With them under his command they began rounding up all organic life in the base and sealed them inside of what appeared to be a dining area. Eclipse smiled as he made his way there, only stopping to find a robot that could make him a suitable outfit for his female form which he took on before entering the dining hall. "What is the meaning of this?!" Exclaimed the lynx who happened to be Conquering Storm said as she ran toward Eclipse who wore an Eggman style outfit that had the colors of black and red. "Foolish Mobian, how dare you attack your leader!" Eclipse yelled as she grabbed the fist of Storm as she attempted to punch Eclipse who in shock of those watching pulled Storm to her face and kissed her, a black liquid being released from her mouth and into Storm's. The lynx began to flail and gag in an attempt to get the liquid out of her mouth as it only spread across her face, a few onlookers ran over to help her as they grabbed onto her face but only discovered that the liquid was all over their hands and was spreading at a terrifying pace. Soon all of those whom had liquid on their bodies were covered as their bodies began to melt into a simple black puddle, onlookers all shaking as they watched. "Oh the scariest part is just starting Mobians." A sinister smile grew on Eclipse's face as the puddles began to take the shape of who they used to be but with a twist: they all were now female Black Aliens. "Ladies, make the crowd join you." The crowd then began to run in all different directions as the newly converted aliens ran on all four toward them. Satisfied Eclipse turned and left through the main entrance which several robots guarded to be sure no Mobian escaped the room, this would only be the beginning...
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