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The Darcy Writing Challenge
2. Pride and Prejudice: Background, Your views on Darcy and Elizabeth and their courtship and could you have fallen in love with Darcy? If you are a man writing this challenge, could you have fallen in love with Elizabeth?

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books. I like the way Jane Austin is telling this story. I like the excellent dialogue between all the characters especially the most romantic hero and heroine Elizabeth and the wealthy and proud man Mr. Darcy.

She developed all the characters and the plot extremely good. At the beginning Mr.Darcy was so proud of himself. He was rude with Elizabeth and he refused to dance with her. He said that Elizabeth is not so catchy. He said all those by the dialogue “She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me….for you are wasting your time with me.” But I think I think that Darcy was always interested to Elizabeth from the very beginning but he tried to hide it because of his status.

I also like the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Sometimes their conversation it makes me laugh every time.

As English is my second language. So many people recommend that to read this book as a first novel. Even though this book written in British English but for me it is not so hard; it is easy to read, not boring at all. I could read this book smoothly. After reading this book I found that Jane Austin focused on the manners, customs, the family bond of the in early 19th centuries time in England.

I liked the way she introduced the two main characters. And how slowly love grows between the two proud peoples heart.

Fallen in love with Darcy ? Humm...Yes, I certainly have fallen in love with Mr. Darcy though he was discovered to be proud but he is likeable; we found that he is intelligent, kind hearted and generous and social. I like the generous and intelligent people.

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