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A new octopus species is found.

A new species of octopus deemed, Little
, found off Hawaii’s Oahu coast,
not far from a seamount, ere under-
water terrain slips and slopes to
deep sea floor.  Wee this new
sea creature, a tiny tentacle
dwarf, powder blue as sky,
partially translucent, cups
for suction like other
octopi, yet single-
rowed instead 
of double.

El Nino grants
the warmth of sea,
provides hearty water
environment, so say marine
biologists; to wit, a plethora of
foodstuffs swarm, wherein natural
selection triggers new and awe-inspiring
life forms like the Cambrian Explosion* long
ago.  So Little Blue bobs like a mote of dust
or dandelion seed, except his is coral shelf
in water surround, with schools of fish
and manta ray, perhaps.  He’ll take 
his part in nature’s rite. 

Oh ocean, mother of us all, since life needs
water medium.  Herein where Little Blue
abides, ubiquitous change, albeit slow
to all human perception.  The eons
do not care a wit of our concerns,
and proceed like stars at paces
beyond our ken. Like any new
species, Little Blue is change,
all right--a change not only
in the number of life forms--
but also in the quality of
our appreciation for the
rich diversity, strength
and elegance found
in nature. 

40 Lines 
Writer’s Cramp Winner

*The Cambrian explosion was the relatively short evolutionary event,
beginning around 542 million years ago in the Cambrian period, during
which most major animal phyla appeared, as indicated by the fossil record.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2078891