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my thoughts when I heard about it
This is the first thing I am writing on here, I don't really know how you may feel about any of this stuff and I don't want to hurt your feelings or offend you. No one needs to be treated unfairly and I in no way shape or form want to treat anyone badly. If something I do write offends you please let me know what I wrote and how it offends you.

First of all what's up with killing people? Do they think they'll achieve anything at all by killing anyone?
Second of all are there people at least attempting to stop them?

Topic: Isis.
Reason: Brussels, New York, Paris.

My first initial thought is, WHY?
Why would you ever think that walking into a subway and killing people, walking down a street and shooting people, and high-jacking a plane and crashing it into the World Trade Building are ok things to do?
These people that were killed and injured either physically or mentally were innocent people just going to work, or traveling.
The family members of these people came home with no mom or dad, no brother or sister, no grandma or grandpa.
They went to an ordinary place probably expecting the ordinary. They either went home injured or didn't go home at all.
Some of these people could have been kids.
Do the people involved with Isis understand what they are doing?

My last thought is just wishing for them to stop, hoping the families are ok, praying that it never happens again. But it's a sinful world. The Devil has the power to make people do these things. To make them believe that they are only doing good works and will someday get to their messed up version of Heaven.

My dream for the world is for once everything to be ok, for people to realize what they are doing. For them to seek for God in these situations. For Isis to be gone, and that no one ever does anything so nerve-racking again.

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