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Hypoxia is a medical term for a condition whereby the body does not receive enough oxygen
We all have a choice to make
We decide what we inhale and fill our bodies with
To take in useless and sometimes harmful influences of this world
Or inhale the one vital gas that sustains life
Oxygen, not physical but spiritual

Although not as appealing
As the sweet scented yet toxic gases that the world offers
It sustains life, and its deficiency appears tolerable for a while
Until the body can no longer tolerate the burden
Confusion, Weakness, Pain, and ultimately:
Death, not physical but spiritual

Not because oxygen was not abundant around you
Neither because your body is unable to handle it
But because you made a decision
Inhaling the addictive earthly pleasures of this world
Instead of the oxygen that is of the Heavens
Until the body sucumbs and the diagnosis is clear
Hypoxic hypoxia, not physical but spiritual

Inhaling this Spiritual oxygen through the ear, the Gospel
Increases the length of days, and eventually
All pleasures you thought you sacrificed for the heavenly oxygen
Fill you up in a highly concentrated form
Joy, both physical and spiritual
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