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Chapter Three- Things are heating up at home between Todd and Sally.
Chapter Three
Sally dropped the kids off with her mother, she contemplated staying with them but some things are better dealt with in person. It was eight o'clock at night now and no one else would be there. It would just be Sally and Todd. Though they slept in seperate rooms, the house was small and there was no way to avoid him. There were no lights on when she pulled into the drive way. Maybe Todd had fallen asleep she thought, but no such luck. He was in the living room watching television.

"We need to talk" Todd said casually.

"I agree" she nodded, sitting across from him. He didn't bother to turn the t.v. off, he just swiveled towards her in his recliner.

"I was thinking we could put a stop to the divorce. Maybe some couples counseling. I know sometimes it's hard, but I think I can learn to live with it." he stated matter of factly.

"You can learn to live with what?"


Sally brushed her hands over her thighs and stood up. Had he really just said that? He was looking at the t.v. again.

"You... can learn to live with me?" Sally tried to keep her voice steady.

"Well, yeah... I mean, you're not the greatest housekeeper but..."

"Are you fucking kidding me Todd?" her anger was starting to get the best of her.

"Oh Veronica Sally" he rarely used her full name, he knew it pissed her off. He wanted to do just that, all apart of his sick mind games. She took a deep breath and looked at him.

"Todd, I'm walking away..." she huffed "I just can't be here right now." Sally grabbed the keys and left again.

Automatically, she headed towards her beach. It wasn't much of a beach really, it was a public access but not very many people knew about it. There wasn't an easy way to get down to the water, a steep slope of dirt and grass. She rarely went down to the water, she enjoyed sitting on the rocks and listening to the waves. Sally grabbed her phone and sat in the grass. She sat there for almost twenty minutes when her phone shrilled.

"Sally!" was all the text message had said, from a number she didn't have in her contact.

"Maybe, who is this?" Sally replied. A few minutes later.

"Jack, call me if you can."

He answered the phone on the second ring, Sally's heart was pounding against her chest.

"Hey there."

"Hi" she said quietly.

"Everythink ok?"

"Not really... Were your spider senses tingling?" she laughed.

"I guess so" Sally could almost hear his smile. "So what's going on?"

"Todd, just being an asshole. I can't wait to get out of that house." Sally glanced around, even though she knew she was alone it felt like she was being watched. Probably from the years he stood over her shoulder.

"You're a very strong and beautiful woman Sally, try not to let him get to you. That's what he's going for."

"I know" she exhausted. "But it's hard sometimes, ya know?"

"I absolutely do hon. Just keep your chin up." He paused for a moment "Where are the kids?"

"Oh, they're at my moms for the weekend... They didn't need to be around Todd tonight, which is pathetic... but better for them."

"And that's what makes you a good mom."

"How do you know?"

"I've seen the way your face lights up when you talk about them and you're willing to do what it takes to keep them safe and happy."

Sally sighed, she almost wanted to cry.... Her children are her life but she had been made to feel like she wasn't a good enough mother to them, that everything she did simply wasn't good enough. Here's Jack, telling her that it was good enough. Telling her that she was good enough. They talked for ten minutes more before Sally decided she needed to go back into that house and face her fears and she needed to start packing.

"Thank you for talking to me tonight Jack..."

"No need to thank me Sally. Have a goodnight sweetheart."

When Sally walked through the door this time, she had a new found confidence. She wasn't going to let Todd bring her down more than he all ready has. The air in the house was different or maybe it was her. Which ever, she sat down next to Todd.

"I'd like to talk to you." She said sternly yet she was relaxed.

"Not now, I'm watching a movie."

"Yes now Todd... These issues aren't going to go away on there own." He groaned and turned towards her.


"I'm going to go through with the divorce."

"Really?" he wasn't shocked, he looked more annoyed than anything.

"Really" Sally nodded. "I've all ready started the paperwork for an apartment for the kids and I, we can split the stu..."

"Why?" he seethed

"Why what?"

"You think you're going to do better than me?"

"It's not about doing better than you Todd, it's about the kids and I's happiness. You have so much anger and bitterness inside... I can't live like this anymore." her voice was calm.

"So, now it's all my fault?!" He stood quickly and stormed into the kitchen.

"Not all your fault, no.... A failed marriage is rarely just one persons fault. I've had my share of issues in this marriage too."

"Damn right you have."

"I don't want to argue, I want to talk about this like adults..." Sally walked into the kitchen. Todd was leaning on the counter with a glass in his hands.

"Who are you fucking?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me... there's no way you'd leave me unless you were screwing around with someone else!"

"There is no one else!"

Todd hurled the glass across the room, shattering it all over the floor. He muttered under his breath and pushed pass Sally, shoving her into the wall beside her. She stood there a few moments, gathering herself. He came stalking back and grabbed her face in his hands roughly.

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch... Get the hell out of my house!" He shoved her towards the door.

"You mean our house... I signed my name for this and I'm the only one of us that works. You get the fuck out!"

Todd raised a hand, for the first time and Sally braced herself for what was about to come. She locked eyes with her, standing her ground. He dropped his hand and shook his head.

"You're not worth it. Don't beg me to come back when you're fuck boy leaves you."

Todd walked out the door and Sally collapsed on the floor, sobbing.
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