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A dragon must part from his beloved friend

"Cheshire, please don't go! Please stay!"
Cassie pleaded, though she knew there was no way.
Cassie and Cheshire, both ten years old,
Couldn't stay together, as the accords have been told.

Dragons of a decade must live in the Kingdom Rye.
This ancient law caused the beloved friends to cry.
When Princess Cassie lost her parents, the dragon tot had been found.
Two babes with adoration, and a strong friendship had been bound.

They knew it couldn't last, as Cheshire would one day depart.
The calling to the Dragon Kingdom was sure to break a heart.
A tear fell from Cheshire, as he braved one back glance.
Don't sob, my true friend. I'll be back if I get the chance.

As the years flowed by, Cassie was a queen, and Cheshire a knight.
The void in both hearts struck deep with great might.
Their paths never passed, heartache and tears never ending.
The sorrowful two never imagined what friendship might bring.

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