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Dialogue 500 entry - One afternoon on a bus...
160 words

“Mummy, look at the birdies!”

“Later sweetheart, Mummy’s reading her book.”

“But the Birdies, you’re missing the birdies.”

“Seen one you’ve seen them all.”

“But they’re diff-ent birdies. There’s bored eagles and Ostidges and fam-mingos.”

“Stop telling lies.”

“They're birdies Mummy, not lies.”

“Let go of my book and sit down. If this bus stops suddenly you'll fall and bump your head."

"But mummy..."

"Sit down and hush up Anthony, you're disturbing the other passengers"

“But they’re looking at the birdies too.”

"If you don't behave yourself, you're going straight back home and spend the rest of the afternoon doing chores."

"But the birdies..."


“Why won’t you look at the birdies?”


“Just a little peek.”


“Pretty please with hundreds and thousands and a cheery on top.”

“I said no,”

“Pretty please with millions and billions and two cherries on top.”

“Oh alright…wait I don’t see any birds.”

“Ha, ha made you look.”


“Shhhh…you’re disturbing the passengers,”

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