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This story is about your journey to start life over in LA.

Chapter 4

Your Point of View

“Would you like to dance?” He asks me with his hand held out. I look at him thinking how cute he is. I smile softly as I hear the song starting. ‘I love this song and a cute guy is asking me to dance to it. This song has a lot of meaning behind it.’ I snap out of it and look back up at him standing there.

“I would love to dance.” I say smiling and placing my hand softly in his. He clasps his hand around mine and I get up walking to the dance floor with him. There are lots of couples dancing. He places his hand on the small of my back and holds my hand in his off to the side. He starts to take steps and I follow. He actually starts to do a slow waltz. I’m impressed and at the same time relieved that I know how to waltz. Thank goodness my brother taught me.

He looks down at me and smiles. I’m impressed that he is so good at this dance and doesn’t even have to look at his feet.

“You really know how to dance.” I say looking down and then back up at him.

“I had a few lessons when I was younger. If you come to LA seeking fame, you gotta know how to dance and sing.” He says...and quickly looks away from me.

“Oh so you sing too?” I say prying a little bit. Like he didn’t seem perfect enough already.

“I do a little. I’m not that good though.” He says quickly.

“Well I would love to hear you sometime,” I say smiling. The song ends and it is now 11 pm.

“Shoot, I’m sorry I’ve gotta get going. I have a shift in the morning at that old diner on 5th ave.” I say walking with him back to the entrance area. He looks a little disappointed, but still hopeful.

“Alright. This was fun tonight. I’m glad I met you (YN). Hey, here’s my number,” he says writing in on a little sheet of paper. “Call me any time.” I look at that smile...I can’t say no to a smile like that.

“Thanks,” I start, “Here’s my number in case you want to give me a call.” I say handing him mine.

“I had a really great time.” James says as he walks me down to my cab. We get right outside of the cab and he gives me a hug.

“I’ll see you around (YN).” he says opening the door for me. I smile and wave bye to him. As I’m in the back of the cab I sit there with a dreamy look in my eye. ‘Wow, James is amazing. I really want to get to know him...but I don’t want to be the one to call him.’

James Point of View

I watch (YN) leave in the cab and just think, ‘Wow...she is awesome. I want to text her right now, but my dad and brothers always said not to do that because you may freak her out.’ I don’t even care. I want her to know that she is really cool and I appreciated tonight. I take out my phone and put her number in. I start a text:

To: (YN)

From: James Maslow

Hey (YN). I wanted to text you because I had a great time tonight and I really want to get to know you better. How about we go out for coffee sometime?


I look at the text and start to regret it. ‘What if she isn’t into me and was just being polite’ I hear my phone ding and get excited for the first time in a long time.

Your Point of View

I get a text from an unknown number while I am still in the cab.

To: (YN)

From: Unknown Number

Hey (YN). I wanted to text you because I had a great time tonight and I really want to get to know you better. How about we go out for coffee sometime?


I look at it and read it over and over. James. I catch myself smiling. I can’t believe he texted me so quickly. I feel so special. I sit there thinking how to respond. Then the cab arrives at my apartment so I have to put my phone away and pay. I leave the cab and go upstairs. I take my phone out once I’m up there. ‘Oh my it’s been 30 mins since he texted. I hope he doesn’t think I’m not interested...no. I had a great night with him so stop it (YN)’ I think to myself.

I start typing on my phone.

To: James

From: (YN)

I would love to get coffee. How about tomorrow after my shift? I get off at 1. Meet you at Gloria’s?


From: James

To: (YN)

Sure that sounds great. I’ll see you there tomorrow at 1! :)


I smile at our simple but meaningful conversation. I said I wasn’t going to get involved in a relationship for a while since the last one...but James seems different. He seems worth it. ‘Look at me already breaking my number 1 rule…’

I set my phone down to charge and get ready for bed. My phone dings, but I don’t hear it. It’s from my ex, Daniel...the doctor. I go straight to bed. Tonight was the best night I’ve had so far in LA. I fall asleep fast. The next morning I wake up around 7. I get ready for work and look at my phone. I sigh annoyed right away when I see the text from Daniel.

From: Daniel the Liar

To: (YN)

Hey (YN). I would really like to talk to you...if you could just hear me out.


I look at the text for a few minutes. I can’t believe he has the guts to send me a text like this...let alone a text at all. I have no idea how to respond. He was a jerk...still is a jerk. I don’t want him back that’s for sure. Especially after having such a great night with James.

To: Daniel

From: (YN)

Daniel, I don’t want to hear it. I moved and am extremely happy to be on my own.


I can see that he saw my text but isn’t responding. I sigh thankful he isn’t texting me back. I didn’t want to deal with him anymore. ‘I hope he’s out of my life for good…’ I think to myself. I grab my purse and a granola bar and head off to work. It’s about a mile away from my apartment, so I walk to work. I get there a few minutes early and start waiting tables. There’s a lot of older men there early. I always loved serving those cute elderly men. They were so sweet and really know how to make a girl feel good about herself.

“Well good morning Miss. You’re a new face around here.” A little old man says. He sips his coffee.

“You must be Mr. Watye. Carla told me you’re a regular here.” I say smiling and refilling his coffee.

“Got that right. I come every Sunday-Friday mornings for my coffee.” He says holding his cup up.

“Well my name is (YN). It’s nice to meet you Mr. Watye.” I say giving him his check.

“Likewise Miss (YN). It’s nice to have a pretty and fresh face around here.” He says winking. I smile and walk back to the kitchen feeling good.

“We got a call in for a couple burgers..We have to have them going out at 1 pm. I know we don’t deliver, but (YN) I need you to deliver them to this guys studio just a block North of here. He asked for you by name.” Carla says to me.

“Oh, alright. Well there’s a first for everything isn’t there.” I laugh smiling. I’m sure James won’t mind if I’m just a few minutes late to meeting up. The morning goes pretty smoothly and Carla starts packing up the meal for the person I’m delivering it to. I’m not going to lie...this meal looks amazing and smells so good. I grab the bag and start walking down the street. I get to the studio which is called ‘Elite Talent’. I walk in and tell the front desk person I have a delivery for someone.

“Who is it for?” The lady asks.

“Oh um I’m not sure, they didn’t give us a name.” I say realizing how weird this situation may look. I look at a man walking through the door from the back studio area…

“Oh that’s for me!” He says…

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