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Ancient lies teach that dragons must die. Man and a perpetual curse.
*Dragon* Young daughter, you cannot understand
Dragons are not dangerous, thoughtless killers;
It is man.

Over many lifetimes to this place we have come,
Seeing lakes, forests, glens and land die.
The few with appetites voracious,
Care less for life, only wanting everything to be
Under their thumb.

This is the fifth time in history that the world is burned by fire.
It is not dragons or soothsayers destroying it all.
Child you love me, this is true,
Sadly you will suffer
For all of you.

Next time around, I may spring feathers, or
Iridescent scales. Our kind are equipped to thrive.
It is with earnest hope and prayer,
That your dangerous and careless kind
Will learn before a New terrible crime.

We are taught there will be
Eight generations, and the last will see.
Dragons are patient, we can abide time in eons.
Inner Earth sustains us,
and we Her.

Next time around we hope you remember
Who and what is the most dangerous kind.
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