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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Drama · #2079225
Time stamp of an explosion in a city
Dry Run

Chapter 1

         Earlier in the morning hours a lad in what seemed to be his mid-twenties was seen walking down the dark city street still damp from an early morning rain. As cars drove by with no idea what was this person up to as it was the same on most mornings going to work, appearing to be just another person schlepping along the sidewalk. Most the city was still asleep when he appeared to be roaming the quiet streets, but with an intent posture wearing an ankle length overcoat made from rain resistant material. His sideburns of charcoal black were all you could see of his facial hair. The only sounds that penetrated the damp quiet early morning hour was his combat type boots hitting the rain soaked streets, accompanied with the back pack sliding on the coat with the contents shifting inside with each swagger of his step. It was still dark yet he was wearing sunglasses on along with a fedora type hat appearing to rest on the top of the sunglasses, further masking his facial features. The backpack of unknown contents had the looks of weighing him down making the sounds of his steps more amplified. The early morning hours was too dark to show any colors of his attire including the backpack, even the street lamps couldn't shine any clues to his looks, all you needed to do to tell his domineer was to watch how he walked, a calm confidence as one does when they've done this many times before. When they went back to passed videos of all the cameras on his route the same evidence was found as described earlier with no ability to identify his features, the only feature that was clear was his height.

         Hours later of the same morning the city was shaken by a huge blast coming from what sounded like it was in the center of the city, whoever was asleep was now fully awoken by the blast which was accompanied by a shock-wave that blew out windows as far as two miles away. The plume of grayish white smoke with a tinge of black became a pillar within the center of the city. Now the flames are becoming the more prominent site reaching half way up the pillar of smoke. The plume of smoke was reaching the upper atmosphere as the wind was coming from south west so that the top of the plume had no other choice but to go with the direction of the wind. So high was its reach it was being clipped at the top as a thunder head does when it reaches its max height. Giving all the citizens of the city that came outside to investigate get a real good visual of from what direction the blast came from.

In no time there were news helicopters in the air circling the plume. Three or four news helicopters were circling the pillar of smoke, looking for that primo still for the breaking news back drop. In the confusion of chaos in the air one of the choppers had to fly straight through the pillar of smoke trying to avoid a mid-air collision, just at that moment a large explosion had occurred on the ground where the original blast had happened. A very large fireball rose up into the sky engulfing the helicopter claiming all the good air that the copter needed to stay up in the air, forcing the chopper to fall out of the sky like a rock. The pilot could do nothing to recover normal flight they were too low of a distance to the ground. Ironically they had crashed on the same site as the blast, so no other collateral damage or bystander deaths had occurred, sadly now there are two news breaking stories. The pilot was hailed a hero for their selfish deed. That was until three days later when the play back revealed something suspicious after the video was reviewed by investigators.

Chapter 2 

         On the ground after the explosion sound was over, the next sounds that was prominent in the air were all of the car alarms going off in random whoops and tones, along with the emergency broadcasting system speakers blaring out their offerings of tones accompanied by directions from the authorities, mixed with all of the emergency vehicles converging onto the blast area. The roads were starting to get clogged as the emergency vehicles were coming from all of their perspective areas. Cars, delivery trucks, and all other vehicles were pulling over to the side of the roads to make a clear path. With all the confusion and chaos ensuing, three vehicles two cube-van type trucks and one semi-tractor riding bobtail was going in the opposite direction of the blast. These vehicles were making way for all the emergency people and their equipment so not to block the progress of the possible injured. All three vehicles went down different streets as if to try to throw someone off. Viewing the investigation report later gave vilification to that theory.

         The blast area is now teaming with investigators and emergency personnel with a media circus just a few blocks away. Each of the emergency personnel was accompanied by special field investigators this was so they can collect evidence while looking for the injured victims. The idea behind this was so no or little of the evidence would get overlooked or accidentally destroyed, however finding victims was and will always be the first priority. The most shocking and more humbling thing was what they saw once they made it into the epicenter of the blast. Well it was what they didn't see, flat level ground with rubble. Instead it was a big, very big hole in the ground. Next to the hole in the ground was the helicopter wreckage, still having some small flames from the fiberglass body parts that were scatter in and amongst the debris. People started to encircle the blasts epicenter staring in disbelief. All were wondering what was used to make a hole so big and deep it almost resembled a sink hole. The depth of the hole was unknown because of all of the debris that partially covering parts of it. An emergency technician took it upon themselves to ask for assistance from the air, while having others rope off the area so no one would fall and injure themselves. The assistance from the air would be using an infrared camera and heat detection to validate what was really under the rubble.

         The helicopter that is being used is equipped with the infrared camera and the ability of recording in high definition, also with the ability for the experts on the ground to have a live feed of what the camera was seeing along with other sensors that may help understand and or find possible victims, which sadly is looking improbable every moment. The copter took about five minutes to get there everyone on the ground was biting their nails in anticipation. As the copter came into view the live feed was turned on and they started the recorder to document this for possible evidence in a court of law. Once in range for the camera feed the normal things were seen. Colors of white, blue, magenta and red of all the people and the hot spots of where the embers were still hot. All was normal as the copter was fling in a grid pattern to better document the area that was until the camera was nearing the center the image started to turn blue. The closer you get to the colors magenta and black the colder that mass is, the image was closer to a dark magenta. An immediate evacuation was issued to clear the site immediately, telling all not to cross the tape line to get the hell out, take the long way if you have to was told to all.

         After the helicopter finished off and flew back to the makeshift landing pad. They unveiled their new pride and joy they fired off their newly purchased four propeller drone equipped with a series of sensors and cameras. This type of drone allows a closer look with an extra ability to weigh very little. They now can fly within inches of debris with the ability to see in crevasses for victims or structural damage. What made this drone special it has something most don't have and that's a drone within a drone, the second drone is really small and is only equipped with a camera with all the camera capabilities of course. It was designed small enough to enter small caverns down to a one foot drain pipe. The drone was charged up and the camera's activated along with all of the other censors. Flying the drone in the direction of the center of the blast, the images start to come in there was a look of dismay on all of their faces. The hole was a lot bigger and deeper than thought they placed the drone at rest on a piece of rubble near but not in the center.

         As the drone was at rest while starting up all the other sensors to do more research the drone slid down a little, gasping could be heard throughout the crowd but the unbelievable happened, all of the sudden the drone and three quarters to two thirds of all the rubble disappeared with a large rumble and roar, the sound was scary to say the least but it was the shacking of the ground that unnerved everyone. A big dust cloud and mystery was all that was left, so they had to wait until the dust cleared, there was no other way to assess the damage. It took a good hour and a half for the dust to settle and clear out enough for people to actually see the true damage. Dismay would be the best way to describe the look on just about everyone's face. The hole became very visible, there was nothing left for anyone to investigate or evidence to gather. What was left was an elongated hole very deep with rubble still falling into the great cavern that looked like solid ground only just an hour ago.

         In other areas outside the blast zone they found some victims, these were not the usual ways to find bodies. There were at least seven outlines in red on the buildings next the blast even the building wall had huge stress cracks, it appeared the bodies were sprayed on before the wall cracked. The percussion wave was so intense their bodies were now imprinted on the walls it was like they were atomized then the wind of the explosion sprayed them on the walls. Some bone fragments and some teeth were found but just barely enough for DNA identification. There were a lot of other things that were damage but haven't been seen yet, this will take weeks to go through what caused this and why it was done.

Chapter 3 

         This following was in the hand out to accompany the press release at the end of the nine long and argues months of investigation. This transcript will be the final briefing to be held for the active investigation until other information arises. The explosion that took down the helicopter we found out was planned. The helicopter that fell out of the sky really had a chemical on board that had the ability to counteract or neutralize the chemical used in the blast the fuel for the fireball, the pilot did perish in the crash and was believed he understood this, or it was a robotically controlled we still don't know the truth due to the copter was vaporized in the act. We also found out that his family has been moved out of the country and has not been found at this juncture. We know who this person was because one of the other camera men captured a real clear image of his face prior to the accident, but still could've been a mannequin with a mask, we just don't know, but the family was encouraged to leave the country for safety sake that we feel so they don't suffer any retribution.

         The person who walked the same path every morning was carrying the detonators along with the triggers every day, we believe so not to through suspicion their way, he is assumed dead or was with the getaway vehicles, no other video has yet surfaced with the same person since the explosion. We still cannot get a good still identification from the street cameras. As for the three trucks, two were decoys and getaway vehicles, the semi's trailer was the delivery system for the container of the explosives, it was and had two sets of explosive storage compartments, one in the latter part of the trailer which a directional blast type of explosive device and the front portion which was designed specifically to make the fire ball that took down the helicopter. The sink hole was a correct assumption, the explosion was planned so it would make the ground weak with a downward directional blast to open up and swallow most if not all the evidence, this was located in the latter part of the semi-trailer. This was done so that the cavern below would literally swallow the entire building as a torpedo is designed to explode under the keel of the ship, to make it so nothing could or would be built there again. We believe this was a dry run for something very, very horrible either in the near future or later for a better plan. Interpol along with all other agencies is on the alert for anything suspicious. Godspeed and hope this was the only incident that any of us will have to deal with ever again.
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