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Some of the people, places and things you may encounter in Mythreal
This is a guide for "Mythreal.

Species and Creatures

Minotaurs are not blood thirsty. They are brutish but they can be hired as guards and they can learn some basic communication. They typically do not wear clothes.

Brownies look almost exactly like humans except that they average one foot tall and have rat-like tails. They like to help people, especially poor people or disabled people. But they become deeply offended if someone offers them clothes. They refuse to wear clothes. They see clothes as a symbol of slavery.

Fairies look almost exactly like Brownies except instead of a tail, they have wings. Fairies have more mastery over magic but each fairy is limited to a specialty. Most of these specialties are nature based elemental powers such as water based magic or wood based magic. The specialty of a fairy's magic is displayed in the fairies appearance such as water based fairies having blue green skin and dragonfly wings. Fairies do wear clothes but often their clothes are more for decoration than for modesty.

Merfolk come in both genders and they wear clothes, not just a couple of sea shells. They do like to flirt with humans but they don't kill.

Gorgons come in both genders and can turn people into stone. This can also be reversed by magic. Those turned to stone do not die unless the stone is broken or melted. Petrified people are aware of what's happening around them and too them. The kind of stone depends on the kind of gorgon as some gorgons can turn people into gold. They typically wear clothes, especially veils to control their power so they don't accidentally petrify anyone. You can safely make eye contact with a gorgon with just a single, thin veil over the eyes.

Centaurs do have two sets of genitals: the front set more human and the back set more equine. They truly bridge the line between human and animal in that they are equally comfortable in the role of teacher and in the role of mount. They typically wear minimal clothing but don't mind stripping to offer a ride.

Golems are created by magic. Therefore, they are not a species. There are few golems but these few come in many different types, to the point that each golem is probably unique.


Delia Manor: Lord Delia's land is a large estate with many serfs of three types. Some are direct servants under Lord Delia. Some rent land from Lord Delia and have their own farms. Some pay rent to live in the nearby village where they operate a variety of business ventures. Compared to nearby manors, Lord Delia's is one of the least racist in that many non-humans can make decent livings here. All non-humans are serfs but some can live in the village and make money through business ventures.

Kingdom of Mithrel: Delia Manor is in the southern portion of this kingdom.

Kingdom of Bacholme: This neighboring kingdom to the east is never at peace. Although they frequently sign peace treaties and truces with Mithrel, whenever they have the advantage, they break the peace. Mithrel has defeated Bacholme many times but Bacholme continues to survive and be a threat.


Lord Delia (human): He is the lord of Delia Manor. He is usually away on business but he comes home to hear cases and make decisions regarding the people who rent from him.

Marcus the warsteed (centaur): He is Lord Delia's personal steed. Sometimes, Marcus is left as deputy in charge of the manor when Lord Delia is away. Marcus is fiercly loyal to Lord Delia and sometimes a little overzealous for justice.

Helen the maid (human): She is single, young, and pretty.

Jeff the guard (gorgon): Despite his lack of muscles, he is formidable as a guard or soldier because he can turn people into gold. His personality though is kind and overly considerate of others.

Ben the warsteed (centaur): His knight was killed so he is still grieving the loss. He also struggles with a lack of a sense of purpose. He wanders from job to job not really fitting in anywhere.

Bill the guard (minotaur): He is a gentle giant. His sense of duty is so strong that he can be trusted to watch over the young women of the household. He does find them attractive but he won't take advantage of them.

Eric the fisher (mer): He is single, handsome, gallant, and he appreciates a woman who has aspirations.

Brad the brownie director (brownie): One man's villain is another man's hero. Brad would be king. He leads a revolution intent on overthrowing the dominance of humans.

King of Mithrel (human): Not much is known about him except he's a mild racist.

Prince of Mithrel (human): Not much is known about him except that he's spoiled.

Jasper the spy (fairy): He works for the king keeping an eye on Lord Delia but his primary mission is to capture Brad.

the royal wizard (human): He's served the king for nearly fifty years but is looking forward to retirement.

the travelling wizard (human): Not much is known about him.

King of Bacholme (human): While the king of Mithrel is only a mild racist, the king of Bacholme is an extreme racist. He wishes to exterminate all sentient non-humans.
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