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This isn't a story about a dog. It's about a stolen neckless.

A Diamond in the Ruff

     “What exactly was stolen from you?” Head of Investigations Haggist asked as he scanned that room with his eyes.

     “It was a neckless of lawn. I know it doesn’t sound like something that normally would get stolen. But this one was special. It has been in my family for generations.” Annia continued searching through the mess in her sleeping room.

     “Why would anyone what to steal that?” Haggist asked as he joined Annia in her search. “It was just lace.”

     “I said it was special. It had a big red diamond in the center of it.” Annia wasn’t being gentle in her search. She threw things everywhere. Some of them hit Haggist.

     “The Vantic diamond. Is that the gem you are talking about? That thing is worth a small fortune.”

     “I’m not sure. But I think I’ve heard it called that before.” Annia tossed her last piece of clothing aside.

     “Did you know it was so valuable? Why did you keep something that expensive in clothing container?”

     “I did know its worth. As for why I kept in my sleeping room is because no one knows I have it. It was the best place to hide it. At least I didn’t think anyone knew where it was hidden.”

     “Is that the only thing taken?” Haggist asked.

     “So far it is. I haven’t found anything else missing.” Annia slowly glanced around that room.

     “Any idea who could have taken it? Did anyone else know it was here?” Haggist helped Annia get up off the floor she had been sitting on.

     “I know exactly who did it. It was my Second Sister.” Annia brushed herself off. She was as dirty and dusty as that room was.

     “What makes you so sure she took it?” Asked Haggist. Haggist escorted Annia out of that room.

     “She has always thought she should have gotten it after our mother died because she’s the oldest. It’s supposed to be the oldest who gets it.”

     “Why didn’t she get it?” Haggist asked. Annia entered her family room first. But Haggist followed right behind her.

     “Because she’s a Second Sister. What I don’t understand is why she had to tear up the place to take it.”

     “Whoever did it probably did it to make it look like a professional did it. That’s usually the reason why they do that.”

     “What do you mean by that? You don’t think she did it?”

     “I didn’t say that. I’ll check into her. But I’m not going to commit myself to anyone until I know if they done it or not.”


     About a week later Annia got contacted to come into The Local Office. “Did you find it? Was it my Second Sister who took it?”

     “The answer to both is yes.” Haggist sat behind one side of a table in the questions room while Annia sat on the other side.

     “When can I get my neckless back?” Annia asked.

     “You don’t. That’s not why I asked you to come in here.”

     “I know you need it until Judgement Day. But after that I should be getting it back. Right?”

     “Wrong! It will be going back to the rightful owner. That's why you are here. Did you know it was stolen almost six generations ago?”

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