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Naruto costume TF/TG story
Disclaimer:Sasuke Uchiha and the Naruto series belong to Massashi Kishimoto and Shonen Jump

It started off as a normal day for Lucy,even though she had the day off today.She could finally rest and watch the latest Naruto episode on her computer.She was a big fan of the manga and anime and collected figures of the characters,mostly of her favorites:Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.She even considered making or buying a cosplay of one of her favorites to wear at her local anime convention,unfortunately,her paycheck could only cover rent,food and bills.She didn't have enough for a costume.

After she was done watching anime on her computer Lucy headed for the kitchen to make lunch for herself.She heard a knock on the door.The young woman went to open the door.No one was here,she looked down and noticed a medium sized box on the floor.
She picked it up and looked at it.It didn't seem heavy.Her name and address were written on it,but it showed no information about the one who has sent this box to her.
Perhaps it was one of her friends.It was her birthday tomorrow after all.
She went to the kitchen and putted the box on the table,then used scissors to open the box then looked inside to see what it contained.
She had to dive though the foam balls inside the box to find what she was looking for.Lucy didn't have to search for long.The first thing she found was a latex bodysuit of male form.Black pants, familiar gray sandals and gray leggings were attached to it.She putted them near the box before to continue to search. She found a familiar blue shirt and a purple rope like belt.
"No it can't be..." she said.There were two more pieces of this costume inside the box.She grabbed them.The first was a familiar gray vest with the familiar Uchiha clan's crest on the back.
And the last piece:A full latex mask of Sasuke's handsome face with a black wig attached to it,styled the way Sasuke's hair is in the anime and manga.
Lucy was happy.Not only did she get a cosplay of one of her favorite characters,but a full bodysuit and mask that will allow her to fully become Sasuke.It would make the envy of her cosplayer friends.
"Maybe I should try it out now,to see if it fits." Lucy said to herself.She decided against removing her clothes to suit up.She was only trying the suit after all.She only removed her shoes and socks and tie her long brown hair into a bun before to grab the bodysuit.

Lucy carefully unzips the suit..After it was done,she slips her right leg into the suit's own.She could feel the soft and smooth texture of the latex suit until her left foot was in place and her toes connected inside of each of the costume's left foot's own.She felt the suit becoming tight around her left leg but dismissed the thought as she slid her right leg into the suit.The same thing happened,but once again,she dismissed it.
Once suited up to the torso,she slid both her arms into the costumes's own.
After she zipped it up,the male bodysuit felt tight on her female body,but the arms and legs of the suit seemed loose.She grabbed Sasuke's vest and putted it on,followed by the blue skirt,purple belt and black armbands.Only one piece of the costume remained before she could fully resemble Sasuke:the mask.
She grabbed it and looked at her reflexion in the mirror.
The suit looked great on her.She then looked at the mask and smiled.
"There goes nothing." Lucy said to herself before grabbing the mask and putting it on.
As she slid it on her head,the neck part first covered her eyes,leaving her in darkness.That is,until she reached the mouth opening...then the nostrils,before her eyes finally connected with the mask's eyes holes.The mask fully covering her head,she could see familiar bangs covering her eyes.She looked at the mirror and smiled.It was like Sasuke jumped out of the pages of the manga.
"Can't wait to show this suit to my friends." Lucy said

"I'm afraid this suit will become your new body,our new body." said a voice in Lucy's mind.A familiar one too.
"Who are you,and what do you mean by that?" Lucy asked,shocked by the strange voice who turned out to be the voice of the suit,taking over her mind.She tried to reach for the zipper on the back of the suit,she couldn't feel it anymore.
It was gone.Lucy also noticed that the separation between the mask's neck base and the suit started to vanish as well.She was sealed inside the suit.
"Why are you doing this?" she asked the voice.
"By putting on this chakra suit and mask of me,you sealed your fate." said Sasuke's voice.
"Chakra suit and mask?" Lucy asked, confused.
"Big brother Itachi had extracted a part of my Yang,or light chakra during our last battle." Sasuke's voice started to explain."He did it in case my original self became lost in darkness and hatred beyond redemption.If it happens and I am killed as an enemy of Konoha,my yang chakra would be sealed in a pure hearted host so I could be reincarnated and start anew as a redeemed shinobi,free from darkness and hatred.He sealed my chakra in a chakra rubber suit and mask that was made into my image and delivered it to this world,at your doorstep." he added."Yes,you will do just fine.In a few moments we will become one.You will become me,a better me."

Lucy looked scared."Those changes...are they permanent?"

"Yes,they are." Sasuke replied."I told you.Once you put on the suit,there is no turning back.But rest assured your old self will not fully disappear.Even though you will be me,Sasuke Uchiha,body and soul, you will still be in control of this new body.You will still have your will and memories of your former life.They will be merged with my own memories and knowledge
Lucy was scared of losing her former self and womanhood,but sighed,surrendering.
"Fine,I accept my fate."
Sasuke didn't answer.Instead, his answer was confirmed by a sudden pain that she felt all over her body.
Her muscle grew slightly bigger and stronger.She felt her breasts shrink and disappear and something else replacing them between her legs,her womanhood having been replaced by a newly gained manhood.
Her skin and hair merged with the mask and suit.The latex skin of both the mask and suit turned to real flesh and the hair of the wig turned organic.Her eyes turned from blue to onyx black,before they changed again:The right turned red with three black tomoe,the familiar Sharingan.The left eye however turned completely purple with ripple patterns.It became the Rinnegan.
The last phase of the transformation occurred inside of Lucy's transformed body.
She,or rather,he felt something growing inside of him,surrounding his veins and organs.He could feel a strong energy and power inside of him.He guessed it was chakra.
Once the transformation and the pain that came with it stopped,he looked at his new appearance in the mirror.It was the real Sasuke this time staring back at him and not his former self in the costume.
"I....feel..well...strange...Not like myself."he said,only to notice his voice had changed as well.It was indeed deeper and sounded like the voice of the costume he heard in his head.Sasuke's voice,his own voice now.He was no longer Lucy Carlson,24 year old single and hard working fangirl.He was now Sasuke Uchiha,17 year old redeemed ninja from the Uchiha clan,reborn.
The newly reincarnated Sasuke sighed."There is no turning back.I am stuck like this for the rest of my life." he said to himself."What am I going to do now?" he asked himself.
Suddenly,he heard his stomach growl.Perhaps the transformation made him hungry,and he did plan on making lunch when he was still Lucy.
He headed for the kitchen and looked in the refrigerator,having a sudden craving for tomatoes.
He did found some and took a few along with some bread to make a sandwich.
The lunch did satisfy his hunger,but didn't stop him from thinking about his future as Sasuke Uchiha.He couldn't show up at work or anywhere else in his new form.
He could still use the transformation jutsu to disguise himself as his former self,but the jutsu required energy and chakra to maintain and he coudn't afford for it to drop while out of the house.Besides,there was nothing for him to look forward while staying here.The second option for him was to go to where the original Sasuke was born,Konoha,in the Shinobi world.
But how could he go there? It was an alternate universe.
Fortunately, it didn't take long for him to find the solution:The Rinnegan.

Thanks to it Sasuke had the ability to activate a dimensional portal.But he didn't know how.He had been in Sasuke's shoes for a few hours now.However,he had no choice but to try.
He focused his chakra on his Rinnegan eye and performed hand signs.
Tomoe appeared in his left Rinnegan eye as he focused forward.He thought of Konoha,of the friends he had left behind that he hoped would forgive him.
What seemed like a black hole materialized in front of him.It grew until a large familiar gate could be seen from inside.He coudn't believe that he succeeded on the first try.Two familiar faces waited at the entrance of the village:His former teammates:Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno."So,they knew." Sasuke thought,smiling.

He looked back at his house,well the house of his former self one last time before to turn back toward the portal and step inside,toward his new life.
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