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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Friendship · #2079500
An ex-party-creature lament's
Staying in with the out crowd
That's me at the weekend
Holed up hermit in the mirror
My first, my worst, my only friend
Come up and see me, make me scowl
Be my unwelcome guest
Get those bright lights out of my face
I'm unenthused at best

24 hour party pooper
24 hour frown
Crushed in the arms of four brick walls
I'm lost and canĂ¢t be found
In with voodoo guys and dolls
My loyal and trusted mates
Every night's a lonely night
Each night I seal my fate

I do not have the social skills
To email you or tweet
So if I don't communicate
Don't put the blame on me
I lock the door, I hide the key
I get loved up with ghosts
The cash saved goes towards defence
And caviar on toast

24 hour party pooper
Lager without fizz
I long for human contact
But who am I trying to kid?
This sardine desert island
Is filled with cranks and creeps
I need to get some fresh air
I dare not go to sleep

You break my back, I'll break yours
Promises from the heart
I'd tell you my room 101s
But I wouldn't know where to start
Life is overrated
Like spam and Gorgonzola cheese
You can stuff your riches
And have all mine for free

24 hour party pooper
Permanent absentee
I gave up talking to myself
And myself won't talk to me
I only tango solo
Two's too big a crowd
A room-full makes me nauseous
So can I get off now?

The man I used to be lament's
I long to be at home
I slink into the bathroom
And exit via a convenient hole
At the bottom of the world I mope
And glorify my death
The glamour of the final finality
Takes away my breath

24 hour party pooper
24 hour dressing gown
My angels are all wearing black
My great white hopes are brown
24 seconds of optimism
Instigate's a fight
Then strangles me in the morning
When the day's as dark as night

I don't like my own company
But it's the best it gets
Being around the in-crowd
Makes me violently wretch
To be honest, I have more respect
For fungus and dead mice
Please don't criticise my tone
I'm trying to be nice

24 hour party pooper
The film that never got made
Tuck me in, blow me a kiss
Then piss upon my grave
Excuse me while I turn to dust
Behind this sunken door
24 hour carcass
Underground forever more

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