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Having Affairs. Not being faithful
Once upon a time, there was a boy by the name of Ryan. Ryan was known to be a very intelligent, talented boy with a good personality. In high school Ryan met a girl name Peaches; he really liked her so he asked her to be his girlfriend.

After Ryan being Peaches boyfriend for about two to three months he noticed that Peaches was his first love and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her but things change between them after a while. Ryan would often tell Peaches how beautiful she was, how special she was to him, how much he loved her, and how much his heart would smile every time she smile and she's around. Peaches would always smile and say all I need and nothing more. Ryan was so in love with Peaches that he would do anything to be with her for the rest of his life. They would have ups and down but not as often as other relationship.

One day, Peaches was hanging out with her friends for the day. Ryan noticed that Peaches was acting different so he had that they question her on it for him. So Peaches and her friends went for lunch, took pictures and went to the park to relax. At the park, they sat and talked and laugh then the questions came. All the answer were nice until Peaches said the Ryan is beginning to get boring to her. Peaches didn't like when Ryan would not go out with her to parties and different things such as that. Peaches was having an affair with a guy she met in the states but no one knew about it; she kept it real undercover.

The night that Peaches and Ryan was suppose to go out Ryan got sick and told Peaches that he couldn't go again but because he loved her so much he would pay for what ever she wants for her birthday but this sweet talk did not excite Peaches. Peaches just wanted to go out and do things Ryan probably didn't like her doing. While Peaches was getting ready to go out, her phone rang. It was the boy from the States; Ryan answered and the boy dismissed the call. When Peaches was leaving she noticed that Ryan was upset and she asked why but he said nothing. Peaches meet up with the other boy and they partied all night til morning. Peaches arrived home four o'clock in the morning which made Ryan even more upset. Again Peaches asked why and he said nothing.
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