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Yagyu's been getting lots of gifts from Hibari... [WG]
This was getting out of hand.

Yagyu opened up the door to her room, finding yet another plethora of sweets piled high on her bed. Chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, small cakes, even the small pudding cups were all arranged on her bed quite beautifully.

The worst part was that this was the fourth one her friend had sent this week. All the other care packages were hidden away under her bed, away from her close friend’s eyes should she wonder where they went. Sighing, she began to take them and place them down under with the rest of the hoard. She couldn’t eat all of that herself! She had a pudgy belly as is, and all these delicious sweets would make it work.

Yagyu casually began thinking to herself as she stashed them away. What would she do if she asked where it all went? Could she really lie to her dear Hibari…? She could say that she was eating it, but had to donate some to a local shelter? Oh, she could check that… Maybe just say she ate it all? But it’d be a clear lie…

Sighing, she sat on the floor, licking her fingers clean of the pudding cup she had just finished eating, a mini-cake in her other hand. “No, that won’t do at all…” She grumbled, taking another bite of it, coating her lips in the sweet frosting. It took her a second to realize how far she had gotten. There were three empty pudding cups lying around her, and two containers of mini-cakes were lost to her void stomach. Her hands were coated in cake and frosting, as were her lips.


But she had already eaten a little bit, and it was good quality; Hibari always knew where to find the best sweets… Maybe… Maybe she was just overreacting. It wouldn’t be THAT bad for her, would it? She had been working on being more active, so she could eat more to even it out! There was still a few pies and individual cake slices on the bed still. That should be enough for one day… Slowly, she took her spot, sitting on her bedside and beginning to eat the sweets with her hands. A slice of cake in each hand, she eagerly chowed down, not taking much time between her big bites.

She had forgotten how good it felt to just indulge herself. The sugar coating her lips and tongue, the rich flavor spreading across her mouth, and the warm feeling of her belly getting gradually filled. It was so nice of Hibari to do this for her… But how to make it up to her? Yagyu mused as she sucked her fingers clean, reaching under to retrieve more sweets. Maybe she just shouldn’t lie to her. Just say that it was too much for her to eat it all.

The ninja unbuttoned her shirt and leaned back, more pudding getting pushed into her mouth and eagerly gulped down. Her hand ran down her front, past her breasts straining in her bra, down to her large, rounding belly. Her fingers idly pushed against the soft rolls and she sighed, a content smile on her messy face, before her hand brought more food to it, which she eagerly engulfed.

Or she could just not lie at all and accept the gifts…? It must’ve cost Hibari to bring this much to her, and it’d be rude to just deny it… Oh, the look on her face after she’s finished eating would be absolutely worth it! After finishing her current dish, she kneeled down again and began scooping out the hidden cache of sugars and sweets, licking her lips clean. It would be a feast in the honor of her closest friend!

She regretted that decision immensely.

Only a few days later, and another batch of goodies consumed, she waved to her friends as she jogged over gingerly. She certainly looked different. Her cheeks were more rounded out, making cute dimples when she smiled. Her legs looked much larger and thicker, with thunderous thighs straight from Olympus, all barely contained under her short skirt. Her belly wasn’t able to be contained by her clothes, hanging out under her button-up, that needed to be only partially buttoned to give herself enough room to move!

“I-I apologize for being late…” She panted once she finally reached them, hands resting on her thighs while the others looked at her oddly. “Breakfast ran late, you know how it is…”

Katsuragi blinked a few times with her head tilted, certainly admiring the view that the bent over Yagyu was providing, while Asuka nervously laughed and rubbed her neck. “Well, you’re here now, and that’s all that matters! Maybe we should… work in a quick stretch…?” She laughed again, while Ikaruga held her head, shaking it disapprovingly.

Hibari was ecstatic, however. She bounded over to her close friend’s side, hugging one of her heavy arms close and rubbing against her. The excitable girl was almost like a twig compared to her.

“Oh, I just knew you’d love my gifts, I knew it~!” She chipperly piped up as she bounced with her arm held close. “I was worried it’d be too much, but now I’m worried it’s not enough!”

Yagyu’s eye went wide for a split second before she chuckled, squeezing her friend close in return.

“I enjoyed them… Thank you, Hibari.” The larger girl sighed softly, squeezing her close.

“Wonderful!” She giggled, stepping back and clapping. “Cuz’ I already bought two more platters for you!”
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