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Cordelia and Severa share an accidental and unknowing moment after a long day... [Incest?]
Severa retreated towards her tent at the end of the night. Stars were high in the sky, and the moon made the wet ground glisten and shine. The moonlight wasn’t enough to keep the camp lit, with only an occasional lantern hung on a pole, creating an eerie dimness about the collective tents. Her hair was let down from her usual twin-tails, and her hands were fumbling with her armor straps. It had been a long day, fights against Risen and bandits periodically each hour, leaving her muscles sore and minor wounds across her body. It wasn’t anything too serious, but she could wait for Lissa and Maribelle to be free before approaching them. The others were more injured than her, and they came first.

But now, the fighting was over, dinner was done, and the exhausted mercenary stripped parts of her armor off as she entered her large tent. Her pauldron was in front of the flap, and the leg pieces fell off as she stumbled to her bed. Bed. Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep. Odd, she remembered her bed being on the other side. Most likely exhaustion taking its toll, she figured, dropping the rest of her clothes off in a fatigued flurry. She fell face first on the bed, out instantly like a light.

The sudden movement was enough to stir the other resident of the bed at that current moment.

Cordelia shifted, having been curled in a comfortable ball, looking back at who intruded on her. It was too dark to see, but she recognized long hair and a rather slim but strong body… her husband, Robin? It had been a while since they shared a bed together… She chuckled and rolled over, draping an arm across the body and kissing its head.

“You certainly know how to wake a woman up…” She mumbled tiredly, rubbing her leg against ‘Robin’s’, marveling at how smooth it was. “And you feel very nice tonight…” Her tired head nuzzled the top of his, planting a couple more kisses on his head, then around the edge to his cheek, then lips, smiling.

… But those weren’t her husband’s lips.

She wasn’t sure who it was, this stranger in her bed, or why they hadn’t woken up yet. Her movements were slow as she reached to the candle beside her bed, lighting its wick and bringing the new dim light over to the intruder’s face.

Severa was sound asleep, face slightly dirty and now rather wet with kisses. The movement hadn’t even provoked a sound from her sleeping daughter, except some soft sighing and breathing. But she did shift, hands reaching out and clinging to the light silk top Cordelia wore to bed. The slumbering princess’s head leaned forward and pressed to her mother’s neck, nuzzling it with her nose and cheek slowly, provoking a tiny squeak from her mother’s throat. She wasn’t sure what fantasy her daughter was having, but it certainly seemed to be her fault.

It was impossible to tell what Severa was dreaming of, but it was good enough to make the cuddling seem so natural, so right. Cordelia was tempted to wake her… But it was seldom they’d ever have a moment like this, quiet, warm, loving… Even though Severa wasn’t awake for it, she knew she’d like it.

The mother blew out the candle with a soft smile, setting it on her nightstand. One night couldn’t hurt.

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