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A poem of sorrowful forgiveness
Along the path, the man did walk
completely and utterly alone
the rain that poured was not ignored
by the man with a somber tone.

He continued along the forested path
as a tear slid down his cheek
he decided then that he would never again
return to his home that week.

The man had a deformity across his face
that caused one eye to be blind
throughout his life, he knew toil and strife
from the people who would constantly remind.

Not a day passed by without a comment or jeer
about the man's deformation
he was left and forgotten by the people who taught him
that life would always reject him.

The trail was muddy from the storm that ensued
but the man didn't really mind
it seemed like the rain understood all his pain
with its touch that was gentle and kind.

All of a sudden, the man lost his footing
and fell below towards the ground
his head was met by a sharp stone that was wet
from the rain and blood now around.

His arms and legs refused to respond
to the signals that urged them to start
the voice of fear spoke into his ear
and completely engulfed his heart.

The man soon stopped with the futile efforts
as he accepted this writ of fate
the rain had betrayed the man dismayed
as time began to grow late.

A tear rolled down his birth-marred face
and mixed with a stream of blood
he closed his eyes and said his goodbyes
to the world, the rain, and the mud.

"I do not hold a single grudge
on the ones who battled my pride
they had no clue what their remarks would do
to the soul that rested inside."

He could struggle, he could fight, but why the waste?
his energies always ran dim
he hoped his soul would meet its goal
and arrive at a better place for him.

The man's journey through life was finished
as he lay there broken and done
he forgave them all who had held him in thrall
as he and the earth became one.
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