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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Fantasy · #2079987
Will Katherine's love for Logan be enough to save them all?

"Cathy" i carry on walking, "Kat" i ignore him. My fury runs through my blood and i know if i talk to him i will lose control. "Katherine" "what Jax" "im sorry ok, can you at least face me" I whip my head round and he sees my eyes are like fire. I can feel my powers flowing through me but no-one knows i have them apart from my friends Cally and Mason. "Youâre sorry, sorry doesnât even begin with the apology, why should i even acknowledge you, you went behind my back and banged some slut, and what makes it worse is that i caught you, you know there is a reason i donât want to have sex with anyone" i shout at him. "Look i know i was wrong and Iâm sorry, i really am" i turn away and start walking again "Kat" "Kat, come on" i swing around and pin him to the wall with my powers. "Donât come near me again Jaxson i mean it" fury builds up in my eyes and he tries to move so i swing him to the ground "how did you do that Kat" "MY NAME ISNT KAT ITS KATHERINE" i yell at him.
I walk away and towards Cally and Mason. "Hey, you ok" they ask at the same time, "yeah" i felt the pounding in my head before the pain comes. I scream and i can hear Cally and Mason saying "Cathy whatâs wrong" i blank out and land on the floor. When i wake up Iâm in someoneâs arms and they are really strong. I look up and Iâm pulled into the depths of the most amazing golden eyes in the world. His hair is cut short ish and is an amazing shade of brown. He looks down at me and i see his lips start to move but i donât hear anything. Thatâs when i blank out again.
"Katherine" i hear my Career call from the door, "Analise what are you doing at school" i say in a whisper "honey youâre at home and you have a visitor, do you want me to send him in?" "Sure" i say and sit up in my bed and it all comes back to me. I groan. "Katherine" i hear his voice and itâs amazing so i open my eyes and meet his golden ones. He sits at the end of my bed and i say to myself "who is this mysterious boy at the end of my bed" "oh i donât know why donât you ask him" my voice says back to me. "Hi you seem to know my name but i donât know yours" "its Logan" and his smile almost sends me back into unconsciousness. "Hi Logan, did you know you have the most amazing eyes and smile, i think Iâm melting" he chuckles and the sound of it makes me want him so much. "Youâre levitating" he says with a smile in his voice. I open my eyes and look down "so i am, youâre not freaked out by it" i land myself back on the bed, "na my brother has told me about you and your powers" he whispers the last words and moves closer. A puzzled look comes over me and i say "your brother" "yeah Mason, heâs my brother" "oh now i see the resemblance" he chuckles "my brother has a crush on you, you know that right" i grimace "now i do, Iâm sorry but i donât have feelings for him like that he is just a friend" "yeah but you like Logan though donât you Cathy" my voice says "shut it" i say back "i didnât say anything kat" "oh not you Logan i was talking to my voice in the back of my head" "oh yeah they get so annoying sometimes" "you have one as well" "yeah" "wow i thought it was only me since Cally and Mason donât" he chuckles again "you know, you are really funny" and then the pain started again and i screamed "Make it stop, please, stop it" "Cathy Iâm not doing anything" I didnât hear anything else he said because i blacked out again.
I woke up and i was in Loganâs arms he smiled down at me and i smiled back at him. "you ok" âyeah but i think Iâve fallen in love" "uhuh with who may i ask" "he has brown hair, golden eyes, and a magnificent body waiting to be mine" he chuckled at that and said "well i donât know anyone like that" i laughed and threaded my arms round his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. He moved back for a second and said "Iâve loved you ever since i first saw you and that was when you came to mine and Masons with Cally" "i saw you that day and when you carried me this morning i had a flashback to that day, i love you too and Iâm never gunna let you go" i pulled him down again and kissed him. I rolled him over so i was on top and using my powers i strip us and he smiles up at me and said "your eager" i smile and kiss him again.
"Kat" my career calls "are you ok" i glance at the door and see she isnât there so i dress me and Logan with my powers and sit back on the bed. "Iâm fine" i shouted back and she walks through the door. "Do you wanna go out and eat" she asks, i look at Logan and he nods and smiles so i say "Iâd love to come Analise as long as Logan can come with us" "sure he can" she says and smiles "ok then we'll be out in a sec" "ok Iâll wait in the lounge" "ok". I look at Logan and see the unasked question in his eyes, i sigh "My parents died in a car crash when i was 2 and me and my brother and sister all got split up, but i found them again with my powers" "oh, where are they now" i look into his amazing golden eyes and say "Kathleen is in Moscow, Kacper is in London and Iâm in Miami, i canât believe we are split up over the world" "what were your parentâs names" he asks, "My mum was called Kacey-Leigh and my dad was called Kaiden" "why does all your family's names start with k" Logan smiles at me and i melt.
"My family made some sort of agreement with my grandparents and from there on we had to marry people with names beginning with k and if we had children then they had to be called names starting with k, they were lucky mum and dad loved each other when they died" a tear ran down my cheek and the searing hot pain went from my head to my heart in seconds, i screamed and collapsed. When i woke up i heard a voice "Kitykat please help me" the only people that called me that was Kathleen and Kacper and it was a boyâs voice so i knew that Kacper was in trouble. I tried to reach out to him but found that i couldnât. Logan had his arms round me so if i teleported he would come with me. I thought of my brother and teleported there.
My brother was lying face down in a puddle of blood; i ran to him and dropped to my knees. I used my powers to heal the wound and reawaken him. He stirred and whispered my name. I had always been the most powerful of the family and my brother and sister only had simple powers. I spoke to Kathleen via telepathy and she teleported to us. I stood up and embraced her. We knelt down to Kacper and when he sat up i hugged him forcefully knocking him back down. "DONT YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN" i shouted at him, my whole body shaking with sobs. I felt a pair of strong arms go around my waist and lift me into his lap; i turned to him and cuddled into him. I had completely forgotten he was here. Woops. "Iâm sorry, i totally forgot you were here" "thatâs ok, you can explain everything later but you need to call Analise" "oh yh have you got your phone" "yeah sure" he pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and handed it over, i called Analise and said that we had to go out of town for a week or so because my brother was hurt, she understood and said thatâs fine.
Just as i ended the call a blazing heat came over me and i collapsed. I had to figure out why this was happening. When i woke up Kacper was looking down at me. "hey you, you should have told me about these earlier" i frowned up at him and he smiled and said "the pain and feinting spells" "oh that why" "because you need to find a mate and combine your souls or you will die Kitykat" he said and hugged me "Kas Iâve already found a mate" he looked across the room to Logan who was pacing, then back at me i nodded and he smiled. "i love him Kas" "ok then i will need to talk to him though" "ok" i say and smile. I run to Logan and jump into his arms; he wrapped me up and kissed me. "You are going to be the death of me women" he said smiling and i thought, actually itâs the other way around.
I took Logan to a hotel after Kacper had spoken to him and we knew what we had to do which was have sex and say words into the moonlit sky. After we booked the hotel for a couple of nights, so I can visit my bro after this is done, we walked up to it. We walked through the door and fumbled to close it while passionately kissing. We threw ourselves on the bed and stripped slowly. I kissed him as he cupped my breasts. He penetrated me slowly and I moaned and slid down on him even more to stop the pain. He moved inside me and the ecstasy built even higher. We came together and I moaned and nibbled on his neck. Later on we said the words in front on the moonlit sky and I felt our souls become one in both our bodies. I kissed him and said âI love youâ âI Love you tooâ he kissed me and I kissed him back.
The next morning I went to see Kacper and Kathleen in there hotel room. âDid you do it?â Kathleen asked and I nodded blushing. Just then someoneâs arms snaked round my waist and I knew it was not Loganâs. I span round and was met with a very angry pair of emerald eyes that belonged to an even angrier Jaxson. âJax, what are you doing here?â I asked, I didnât get an answer because he claimed my lips instead. Pain seared through me and I jerked away. Logan was standing in the middle of our hotel room, in pain as well, I could feel him. âIâm here for you sillyâ âJax Iâm going out with someone, remember I dumped youâ âno you didnât Katâ I grew angrier and he saw the heat flash across my eyes, he flinched but held his grip on me. âIâm sorry Loganâ I whispered and I erupted into flames of ice. I felt Jax turn to ice around me and I collapsed onto the floor. The last thing I felt before falling into the black hole was Loganâs strong arms wrapping around me.
I was asleep for what felt like years but in fact it had only been a couple of weeks. I had all of my energy back and I felt stronger. I tried to move but found I couldnât. I tried to reach out to Logan but I got Kacper instead. âwhatâs happeningâ I asked him, ânothing Kitykat, your mind is awake but your body isnât at the moment, you need to concentrate on awakening itâ I concentrated on awakening my body and I tried to move and found I could this time. I opened my eyes and saw Logan leaning over in the chair in the corner of the hotel room. âLoganâ I whispered but he didnât move so I said it into his mind. He looked up and I saw then that he had been crying, his eyes were raw and red and his mouth was in a downwards curve. I smiled at him and he got up slowly and walked to the side of the bed.
âPlease donât do that to me again, cath, you scared the hell out of us, especially meâ âIâm sorryâ I said weekly, âI love you too much Katherine, you canât die on meâ âIâll try not to and I love you tooâ he lent down and kissed me, It was perfect and I could feel the passion building so I brought him down on top of me then I rolled over so he was on the bottom and kissed him harsher with the need that was now taking over my body. He rolled me back over so he was on top and said âweâre gunna have to figure out what to do with Jaxson, coz heâs standing in the middle of Kacperâs hotel roomâ âoh okâ I replied and got up. I showered and dressed in jeans and a tank top. We walked to Kacperâs hotel room, which was down the hall and knocked. The door opened and Kathleen threw herself at me. âAre you ok, youâve been out for 2 weeksâ âIâm fineâ I reply and turn to Kacper who was looking at a frozen Jaxson. I walk to him and say âdo you think heâs ok and how did he know I was hereâ âthatâs what we want to knowâ. We are in Southend; I still donât know what Kacper was doing here but never mind.
I slowly unfroze Jaxson and when he was fully unfrozen he fell to the floor. He opened his eyes and stared at us then he looked at me and said âwitch, youâre a spawn of the devilâ, I snapped and flung him against the wall, I said through gritted teeth âhow did you find usâ âyou know max, well he overheard you talking to your mum â¦â I slammed him against the wall again harder. âAnalise is not my mother sheâs my careerâ âwell he heard you talking to Analise about Kacper and Kathleen and that you found out where they were and so I asked him where Kacper was and he said London and on my way there I saw you walking into a hotel here, so I came to see youâ I saw something flash in his eyes then and my control over him faltered he ran at me but I pinned him back against the wall making it shake. âHeâs being controlled by Zachâ I said and instantly Kacper and Kathleen reacted. Kacper came to me and took over pining Jax to the wall Kathleen was on her iPhone making calls. I went and pulled a chair into the middle of the room and sat in it, Logan came over to me and said âwhatâs going onâ âI have to protect you, Iâll let them explain as I have to do something, Iâm going to try and speak to Zach, my body will be here but my soul wonât, so if you see my body fall do not go near it or you will kill us allâ I kiss him and then push him to the other side of the room.
I focused on calling Zach with my mind, he answered and I felt my soul traveling and my body slump back in my seat. When I arrived where he was I saw a devilish grin, I knew he had loved me for a very long time and I never loved him back so I knew he was happy to see me, well an outline of me. âWhy are you controlling Jaxson, Zachâ âbecause I wanted to see you and every time I called you, you wouldnât answer so I went to the next best thingâ âwhy do you want to talk to me Zachâ âbecause I know where your parents areâ âbut theyâre dead Zachâ âNo, you were told that because they got taken by Amanda and Colson, You were 2, you were just learning you were different than everyone elseâ âohâ. I fell to my knees and cried silently into my hands, âwhere are they Zachâ I said as anger built up and showed in my eyes, we both knew I was the more powerful of the two of us as we had fought before and he had some ugly scars to prove it, âtheyâre in Amandaâs and Colsonâs mansion in the basementâ I ran up to him and hugged him âthank you, can you release Jaxson now pleaseâ âsure katâ âthanksâ I said and felt my soul travel back to my body.
When my body and soul reconnected and I could control everything again, I burst into tears and Logan rushed to me pulling me into his embrace. âWhatâs wrong Kitykatâ Kacper said, âMum⦠and Dad⦠theyâre aliveâ I said in between sobs. Kathleen burst into tears and came over to me and hugged me. I felt Logan leave me and I clutched at him to stay, âIâll be in our roomâ he whispered to me and I nodded. Kacper came up to us and we hugged each other. âWhere are they Katâ Kas said, âTheyâre at⦠Amandaâs and Colsonâs... mansionâ I said in between hiccups. âWe need to get them, all our lives we thought they were deadâ âWeâll go⦠in the⦠morningâ Kathleen said hiccupping âyeah, we need to restâ I said. I got up and walked out the door and towards my room.
I opened the door and walked in. I went into the bedroom and saw Logan sitting on the side of the bed with his back to me, shaking uncontrollably. I walk round the bed to him and rest my hand on his tattooed shoulder, he leans into me and continues crying, I donât ask whatâs wrong I just let him cry into me as I trace the patterns of his tattoos. Thatâs when I see the phone on the bed and the message on it. It read: Logan, Iâm sorry to tell you this but Mason was in a car accident with Cally and the doctors donât think theyâre gunna make it. I fell to the floor tears streaming down my face and whispered âMase, Callyâ. Logan got of the bed and punched the wall and then sat down next to me still crying, âIâm so sorry Loganâ I say and lace my fingers through his and teleport us to my house.
âKatherine, Is that youâ I donât respond to Analise, I just get up with Logan, both of us still crying and start running to the hospital. I slam the doors open and run to the desk, I say âCally Adams and Mason Cole, Where are theyâ âmam, theyâre in the Intensive care unit, you canât go in thereâ âjust try and stop meâ I say back and grab Loganâs hand. We run to the Intensive care unit and burst through the doors, âeverybody get backâ I say to them, they look at me funny, so I shout ânowâ. They move out of the way and I see Cally and Mase on beds next to each other. I use my powers to heal all the wounds inside and out and awaken them. âWake up Cal, please wake upâ I say, tears still running down my cheeks, I feel Callyâs fingers twitch and I grip onto them, she stirs and the doctors watch in amazement. Logan goes to Masonâs side and I see him start to stir as well. Logan comes up to me, hugs me and says âthank you Kat, thank youâ âheâs my friend tooâ he leans down and kisses me, we move away from each other when we hear Mase say âseriously guysâ I run to him and hug him, âdonât you do that to us againâ I lean down and kiss him on the lips, he answers hungrily and I pull back. He smiles up at me and says âok, maybe I should be in here more oftenâ âNoâ Logan and I say at the same time. âKeep the noise down would you guysâ Cally says and I run to her and hug her. âErm Katherine, why are they staring at usâ I look at the doctors and they are staring at me with their mouths open. âWhatâ I say to them, a young blonde says âthey were gunna dieâ âbut you saved themâ a brown haired person says, âhowâ Doctor Berkley says to me. âUmmâ I say and I look at Logan he smiles and nods towards them. âI kind of have healing powersâ, they say âohâ at the same time, the young blonde says âhey you would be a great doctorâ âthatâs what I was planning to do when I finish college and have got my degreeâ âok weâll keep and open space for you thenâ one of the others say as they all turn to leave.
I collapse onto the bed and fall asleep instantly. When I woke up I found myself sprawled out on one of the spare beds. âShitâ I say and Logan turns towards me, âwhatâ âKathleen, Kacper and I need to do something, would you be able to stay here and look after them for meâ, when we combined our souls Logan got the power of telepathy and he can feel when Iâm in pain or not, so if I need to I have a way of talking to him. âOk, but stay safe, please, I canât lose youâ he rested his forehead against mine and lent down and kissed me, I kissed him back then teleported to Kathleen and Kacper.
In the hotel we made a plan that I would walk up to the door first and then we would take it from there. So we teleported to the front of the mansion and I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and Amanda stood there âYouâre Kacey-Leighâs kid arenât youâ âyeahâ âwhere is the other twoâ âwhat other twoâ âKacper and Kathleenâ âoh they arenât with meâ âok, you wanna come in to talkâ âsureâ I step inside and instantly feel something wrong, I say to Kacper and Kathleen in mind speak âdonât come anywhere near the house till I give you the signalâ âokâ they reply together. I follow Amanda into the basement and see mum and dad sitting in chairs.
âMum, Dad, is that youâ Dad gets up and comes over to me âyou shouldnât be here Cathyâ I look up and my eyes well up with tears, I look over to mum who gets up and rushes over and hugs me âCathy where are Kathleen and Kacperâ âtheyâre not here mumâ âKacey-Leigh Matts, you didnât tell me you had childrenâ âDo Not Underestimate her Colson, She can rip you to shreds in the blink of an eye, Iâve seen herâ Mom says, I look up at her âyou haveâ I say, âbaby Iâve been looking out for you your whole life you just havenât seen meâ âohâ I say and look up at Colson who had started laughing.
âWhat do you find so funnyâ I ask him ice raking over my body, he sees my eyes and stops laughing, âYour girl possesses a lot of powerâ He smiles but it doesnât meet his eyes. He grabs my arm, but because my skin temperature has gone down some much that it felt freezing, he instantly pulled away. âYou should never go up against someone when your powerlessâ I say to him and grab his arm, it starts to go blue. Amanda screams and runs towards us but I pin her to the wall using my other arm. âYou will let my parents go or you will dieâ I say to them and then to Kacperâs mind I say âKas I need your helpâ, Two seconds later Kacper and Kathleen appear in the room. Kathleen takes over my hold on Amanda and just as I think itâs going well, Colson starts laughing his arm turns normal and he shoves me off of him.
âYour pathetic you really think 3 dumb kids can defeat meâ he steps towards mum and slaps her. I run and jump and punch a shot of Ice cold liquid into him that goes straight to his heart and squeezes it till it burst and he falls to the ground. âMum are you okâ I touch her cheek and she turns to me and smiles. Amanda screams and launches herself at me but fails as Kas and Kath have her pinned against the wall. I walk over to her and put my hand over her heart and release her from the hold Colson had on her. She snaps out of the trance and hugs me. âThank you darling girl, thank youâ I smile and then she seeâs mum and says âKacey-Leigh is that youâ âyeah Amandaâ âwowâ they hug each other and I feel a jolt of pain run through me and Loganâs scream echo through me. Kathleen and Kacper both turn to me and say âgoâ.
I teleport to Logan and find him on the floor in his house with a knife through his heart. âLoganâ I whisper, and pull the knife out and quickly heal the wound then I pick him up and put him on the sofa using my powers. He moves and I sit next to him. I lean my head on his shoulder and thatâs when I see Zach standing in the kitchen. I get up and walk round to him, âwhat are you doing here Zachâ âI came to see you but he was here and he came onto me so I stabbed himâ âwhy do you want to talk to meâ âDid you see your mum and dadâ âyesâ âokâ he vanished and I said to Kacper in mind speech âwhere are youâ âstill at Amandaâs whyâ âyou need to get out of there as fast as you can, grab mum, dad, Kathleen and Amanda and get out of thereâ I heard silence and then they appeared in front of me, I blew out the breath that I hadnât realized Iâd been holding and went and sat with Logan.
I wake up to Logan saying âKatherine, Katherine where are you, I canât find youâ and then he screams out, I realize he is dreaming so I kiss him and he wakes up instantly and kisses me back. I let my hands roam over his body and wrap them around his already hard dick. I trail kisses down his neck and chest and finally reach his cock and I take him into my mouth, I lick him and suck him and within seconds he comes in my mouth. I suck him dry and then trail kisses back up to his lips. He kisses me hungrily and then says huskily âthat was the best wake up present everâ, I smile and kiss him again.

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