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by Whisky
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Mahiru [Servamp], Yukine [Noragami], Luffy [One Piece]
After the return of Natsu, Kuroko and Maou in there own worlds, another three boys were captured and again locked in a strange room...
Mahiru: "What's going on..ouch..my head!"
Luffy: "Where am I, and who are you two?"
Mahiru: "Two?"

Mahiru turned his head to the left, just to see another boy in this room.

Mahiru: "Is he unconscious?" [He goes to the boy]
Mahiru: "Hello? Are you alright?"
[Mahiru noticed all three of them were barefoot]
Yukine: "wha-ha..who are you!?" [Looks a bit scared]
Mahiru: "I'm Mahiru and who are you?" [Mahiru smiled]
Yukine: "Yukine...and who's this?" [He looked at Luffy]
Luffy: "I'm Luffy Captain of the Strawhat-pirates"

[The other two boys looked at each other...]

[Yukine,Mahiru] "Straw..what? Never heard"
Luffy: "You have never heard of us? That's strange..I mean the marine is searching for us"
Mahiru: "The marine? There is no marine anymore"
Luffy: "What? Is that a joke or do you never heard about the marine..the big marine?" [Luffy looks confused]
Yukine: "I know the the marine, but I don't remember that there are pirates"
Luffy: "Did you guys even know, what a devil-fruit is?"
Mahiru: "Devil-fruit? What is this"
Luffy: "This" [Gum-gum-rocket]
Mahiru: "What the....!?"

[Yukine jumps up]

Yukine: "Are you a phantom?!"
Luffy: "What's a phantom?" [looks confused]
Yukine: "hä? So you are no phantom?" [confused as well]
IMahiru: "If he don't know, like I, what a phantom is...yeah he is not an phantom"
Yukine: "What a relief" [( ´ ▽ ` )]
Luffy: "What's that about earlier? This ,,There is no marine anymore''?"
Mahiru: "The marine was destroyed after Heavens Fall"
Mahiru: "It's impossible, that you don't know"
Yukine: "I haven't heard about it like him"

[Mahiru thinks for a while]

Mahiru: "Maybe...Maybe we don't come from the same dimension"
Yukine: "How did you get to that?"
Mahiru: "Mh, we have other different memory from the past, also Luffy has these powers"
Yukine: "Now that I think about it...how can you even see me?"
Mahiru: "Why not? Aren't you an ordinary boy?"
Yukine: "No, I'm kind of a ghost...but different in the fact that only gods and phantoms can see me"
Luffy: "COOL" [ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ]
Mahiru: "Ok, let's ignore the fact that this is all weird, how we've landed in this room?"
Luffy: "I was sleeping."
Yukine: "I was going to take a bath."
Mahiru: "That explains why you are just dressed with shorts."
Yukine: "(//ω//)"
Yukine: "And what have you done Mahiru?"
Mahiru: "I was going to dress me up."
Mahiru: "What is the connection between bath, dressing-up and sleeping?" [confused as well]
Luffy: "All of us are barefoot and have no shirt."

[Luffy is laughing]

Luffy: "However kidnapped us have to be a pervert."
Yukine: "If pervert or not, we should try to get out of this room."
Mahiru: "I'm not sure that this is even possible."
Yukine: "Why do you think so?"
Mahiru: "If someone have the power to kidnap us from another dimension, I'm sure he is capable of building a room of no escape."
Luffy: "Yeah my punch would have cracked every stonewall, but this one didn't have a scratch."
Yukine: "I think we should simple wait, for something to happen."
Mahiru: "I agree, the kidnapper must have a reason for all this."

[A few hours later]

Mahiru: "Have you an idea for what to play?"
Yukine: "What's with Truth or Dare."
Luffy: "Mhh..to lame, what if we only dare?"
Mahiru: "Ok, let's do it."

[In this moment, Luffy and Yukine got hit from something tiny thing]

Luffy: "I'm first! Ok, Yukine...I dare you to go to the toilet and take your shorts of. You will playing without it the whole time."
Yukine: "Alright!"
Mahiru: ["Isn't this a bit too much?"]

[Yukine undressed himself and returned naked]

Luffy: [What a nice view]
Yukine: "Ok I'm next! Mahiru...I dare you to massage the feet of one of us."
Mahiru: [Do they know that I have a fetish?] I take you Yukine.

[Mahiru took one of Yukines feet and gave him a massage]

Yukine: "And what do you think? Aren't my feet good?"
Mahiru: "They are...soft" [They are so awesome!]
Yukine: "Good to hear that" [He must enjoy the view of my feet and crotch]

[Mahiru pressed his thumbs deep into Yukines sole, slightly rubbing them with his hands. Sometimes he looked up to Yukines dick..]

Mahiru: "Ok, Luffy...I dare you to worship the feet of us with your tongue."
Luffy: "Oh Nice!"

[Luffy took one foot from Mahiru and one from Yukine and started to lick them. He started to lick the sole of Mahiru first. His tongue slide over Mahiru's smooth sole, then his tongue went between his toes. He made loud slurping noises, while enjoy the young boys feet. he sucked on his smooth toes while letting his tongue lick them.]

[Now he took Yukines foot and licked his sole. He gave his sole a few kisses and rubbed his face into the younger boys foot. He licked from the arch up to the toes a few times. Starting with the big toe, Luffy sucked his way down to his little one. He gave Yukines toes a few last kisses and put it down."]

Yukine: "That was really nice Luffy"
Mahiru: "You are really good at this Luffy"
Luffy: "It was my first time licking the feet of someone" [blushing]

Yukine: "Mahiru, I dare you to undress yourself, then Luffy and me will touch you"

[Mahiru undressed himself. Yukine and Luffy starting to touch his chest and legs. Yukine touched his nipples and Luffy touched his balls.]

Luffy: "Mahiru, I dare you to play with your feet in my crotch for 30 sec. If I'm not getting erected, you have to suck my dick."

[Mahiru started to rub his feet over Luffys dick. He massaged his dick with his feet but he didn't erect.]

Luffy: "I'm the winner! [laughs] You can now start to suck my dick.
Mahiru: "As you wish."

[Luffy let his pants down to reveal his big cock.Starting with licking the tip of Luffys hard cock, Luffy took Mahiru's hair and moved him toward his cock and finally slipping his cock past those succulent lips. Luffy pushed himself deep into Mahiru's mouth, enjoying the heat and wet and that clever tongue. As soon as he had his breath, Luffy's cock was back pressing down his throat, then out again, over and over, making sloppy wet sounds as Mahiru lost control over his ability to swallow and saliva began to overflow down his chin. He swirled his tongue around the head of Luffy's thick cock, rubbed it against the sensitive underside, pressed and curled his tongue to create a suction point again and again - a trick he knew that pushed Luffy over the edge. Mahiru was rewarded with a long moan, and he took it as his cue to sink his mouth deeper until Luffy's cock butted up against the back of his throat. Finally Luffy came and Mahiru swallowed his sperm.]

Mahiru: "That's was fun! But now, I dare Yukine. We will blindfold you, and you must guess, who's feet you were licking. If you are right, this person will suck your dick, if not you will suck the dick of the correct person and get tickled by the other."

[Yukine has getting blindfolded and the other two stretch there feet out. He started to lick the first pair of feet in front of him.
He tasted them a few minutes, by licking the sole, sucking on the arch or sucking on the toes.]

Yukine: "I think I licked Luffy's"
Luffy: "Yeah you are right [grin]

Luffy: "Ok, I choose myself! You will blindfold me, then one of you will lay you feet on my dick. If I guess correct, this person will give me a footjob, if I'm wrong I will give this person a footjob and the other tickles me."

[Luffy feel a pair of feet on his dick. It's small and soft. His cock got hard and he moaned a bit, as the feet rubbing his dick slightly.]

Luffy: "I think it's Yukine, am I right?"
Yukine: "Yep, you are.

[Yukine started to rub his soles deeper into his cock. Luffy moaned heavy as Yukine wanked Luffy's cock with his feet. Luffy pushed his cock into the sole and toes of him. Yukine massaged his tip with his soft toes, pressing them into his tip. Mahiru started to press his feet against Luffy's shaft. Yukine stopped, he stand up and pushed his cock into Luffy's mouth. After a few minutes Luffy came on Mahiru's feet. Yukine came into his mouth, sucking greedy on his friends cock.]

Mahiru: "Now I'm the only one how doesn't came? That's not fair"

[Mahiru grabbed Yukine's back and pushed his cock inside him.]

Yukine: "You could say something you idiot" [ouch]

[Luffy lifted his foot up to Yukine's dick, began to wank him. He began to moan and breath heavy, while enjoying the feet of Luffy and get fucked from Mahiru. Soon he came on Luffy's foot. Mahiru pushed him down, so he could lick his feet clean. Mahiru came into his friends ass, filling him with his sperm.]

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