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Don't judge a book by it's cover as some adults say. It could get you killed.

Looks Can Be Deadly

     A spaceship traveling through the darkness of space very quickly suddenly stopped. Within that spaceship seated in front of a large viewing monitor, in the Control Room, were Co-Commanders Lavis and Yenna.

     “Why do you always do that? Are you trying to kill us before the other humans have a chance to do it?” Lavis asked.

     Paxon swiveled around in his chair. “Sorry, about that Commander. This is where you wanted us to stop though.”

     Banti sat in a chair next to Paxon right in front of the main monitor. “You wanted us to get here as quickly as possible. I didn’t think we were traveling that fast. But I guess I was wrong.”

     Yenna pushed a button on the inside arm of the chair. A thin layer of metal across her chest, upper legs and lower legs slid back into the chair. She got up and stood behind, and between, Paxon and Banti. “Don’t listen to him. You know how he is when we are on a mission like this one. That’s why they put me in charge.”

     “You’re not the only one in command of this mission. We both are as usual. You are right about one thing though. I’m the best for this kind of mission. But I do lose my control very easily.”

     “That’s why I’m here. I’m the one who is actually going to be talking peace today. You are here because you are a male. And most human worlds are very particular who they will talk to – especially when it comes to peace.”

     Lavis got up and stood next to Yenna. He started looking up at the viewing monitor too. Which showed nothing but blackness. “Are we the only ones here?”

     No one answered at first. Then about a minute later Vonne responded from behind them. “We are. Except for our other ships. Three of them are in position. And the other six will be any time now.”

     Yenna turned to face Communications. “Good! Stong, contact all the ships and tell them to remain invisible until we need them.”

     Stong didn’t say anything. He just swiveled around and went to work on the control panel in front of him. It’s Vonne who actually spoke next a few minutes later. “We have a problem. Our enemy is here. They aren’t alone as agreed upon. There are seven of them total.”

     “It looks like they had the same idea about getting here a few hours early too. Also about bringing help. They are just being more open about it.” Lavis returned to his chair.

     Yenna returned to hers a few seconds later. “They probably expected us to come here alone. Boy, are they in for a big surprise.”


     Lavis looked 0ver at Stong when he spoke. “Our enemy are trying to contact us.”

     “I wonder why they waited so long to make contact?” Yenna asked Lavis that question.

     “It’s only been about a half hour. As for your question, it’s probably because they wanted to make sure we didn’t have any help coming.”

     “What do you want me to do?” Stong asked. “Do you want me to open up a connection.”

     “Voice only.” Yenna responded. “We aren’t ready for them to see us just yet.”

     “We can’t do that. Voice only isn’t available at the moment. It’s visual or nothing.”

     “Tell them we are having problems making a connection. Give us a minute or two before we can do it again.”

     Lavis pushed a button on the inside arm of his chair. Hair covering plastic looking things floated down from the ceiling. Once on the heads it appeared to have shocked them a little. They all shook and/or shivered. When those things returned to the ceilings all their hair had changed colors. Males had grey hair and females had white.

     “Tell them we can make a connection now. The sooner we get this over with the better.” Yenna and Lavis glanced at everyone there before Yenna said that.

     A few seconds later another Control Room appeared on the main monitor. In the center of that monitor a human male appeared. On either side of him two females stood. Another male could barely be seen behind them.

     “I am Commander Gorith. And this is Pinca, Walli and Bonett. We are here to talk peace with Doriana.” Gorith slapped his chest when he introduced himself. But gestured at the other.

     “You are talking with the representatives of Doriana. We are the ones that you are here to talk to.” Lavis was the first to respond.

     “What is going on here? You can’t be the representatives. All of you are just a bunch of children,” said Walli.

     “Where are the real representatives. We want to talk with them,” continued Pinca.

     “They are only here to keep us around until the rest of their fleet arrive. Probably because they don’t think we will fire on children. But they are wrong about that,” said Bonett.

     “You’re not even going to try to talk peace,” said Yenna. “That’s a big mistake. We have more than enough fire power to destroy you.”

     All Gorith said in response to that was, “Fire. But don’t destroy them. Save our weapons for when their fleet arrive.”

     “Our fleet, as you call them, are already here. Fire everything, we got. I want them all destroyed,” said Lavis.

     The seven enemy ships suddenly found themselves surrounded by ten spaceships. Which all opened fired on them at the same time. That battle was over a few seconds later.

     “It always happens the same way. Just because we look like we are about ten to thirteen they think we are just kids. It’s not our fault the aging process is reversed on our planet of Doriana. Only the middle ages appear to be like the rest of the universe. And that’s who the other humans have been fighting for the last two hundred years.” Yenna finally took a breath.

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