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The world is about to change for one girl... Is it for the good though?...
Chapter two: The Shadow

My eyes flickered open. I was in a car that smelled strongly of salt. I looked around to see Killian driving. "What the hell!" I shouted raspily.
"Nice to see you too love." Killian replied.
"What happened?" I asked him.
"You were drugged with a sleep spray by people who wanted to kidnap you sweetheart."
"So, you saved me?"
"Yes love. I couldn't let a damsel in distress die."
"I could of handled it."
Killian smirked. "Whatever you say darling." He said sarcastically. There was a long silence that was interrupted wen I told him "Your technically kidnapping me now."
"Look love, I'm saving ur damn life, so a thank you would be nice."
"From what?" I enquired.
"Still no thank you."
"From what?" I demanded him to tell me.
"From Peter Pan." He said frustratedly. I laughed. "Peter Pan!" I mocked him.
"It's true, ok?"
"Yep totally ok!" I said laughing again. Even though inside I felt like he wasn't lying at all.
"You have to believe me here love." Killian told me.
"Alright, alright. If your telling the truth, how come when I was younger I said I believe, and Peter Pans shadow never came?"
"Oh sweetheart. You shouldn't of said that!" He shouted angrily. Before I had time to say 'Why not' a black figure came crashing through the windscreen, shattering the glass on top of me and Killian. "Aaaaaaaagh!" Killian boomed. He was cut pretty bad. All the way up his left arm. He took his jacket off and revealed his muscles. I was just sat there staring and his bulging arms. He looked at me and I looked at him. I could of kissed him then and there but I restrained myself somehow. 'Focus.' I told myself. However it was really hard to do that when a jacketless Killian was sitting in front of you. What brought me back to reality was the black- shadow like- figure grabbing my hand. I hit its fingers but it wouldn't let go. I found myself being lifted in the air despite my efforts not to. The last thing I saw (before being knocked out for the second time) was a large wall heading my way and Killian screaming "I will find you! Stay strong!" He still had no Jacket on... BANG! I hit the wall. Embarrassing...

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