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The world is about to change for one girl... Is it for the good though?...
Chapter 3: Neverland

"Bloody hell!" I muttered as I got up in a camp surrounded by trees. "Pan, Pan, Pan!" I heared a young boy yell.
"Peter, Peter, Peter!" Another young boy yelled.
"Yes, yes, I'm here, calm down. Is she awake?" Supposedly Peter Pan said.
"Yes I'm bloody awake! Tell me where I am now!" I demanded. All (around 27) of the boys looked at me. "Please?" I asked. The boy I thought Peter Pan was smiled. "That's more like it." He said.
"So...?" I asked.
"You are in Neverland!"
"Bruh!" I said and layed back down.
"Is there something wrong?" Pan enquired.
"No. I'm fine. Ya know. Just a normal day for me. Cause everybody travels to Neverland once in a while right!"
Peter just stared at me blankly.
"That's called sarcasm." I told the boys.
They just stared at me again.
"Screw this!" I shouted and stood up ready to fight for my freedom.
"Your making the wrong decision!" Pan said.
"That's what they all say." And with that I hit him square in the nose. He started to bleed and called his army of 12 year olds on me. The first one came and I roundhouse kicked him in the face sending him straight down. The second one came and I hit him right in the gut doubling him over and then I kneed him backwards sending him tumbling to the ground like the first one. "Anyone else?"
"Us!" The remaining boys shouted in unison. They each had either a spear or a bow and arrow aiming at me... "Oh suuuuuuuuuuuggarrrrr!" I yelled while dodging flying arrows dripping with black poison (or something deadly like that). I dodged them all and said 'Ha' smugly. Then... They reloaded... "For gods sake!" I mumbled and I ran. Sprinted actually. As fast as my legs could carry me. When I finally thought I got away, I heard a voice behind me. "What are you running from lo-..." I back-fisted the air without thinking. I turned around sharply, only to see Killian falling to the ground... "Oh my god... KILLIAN!" I said shaking him. "I'm so sorry... KILLIAN!" I shook him again. "Wake up!" He opened his eyes and said "ve..." I smirked at him and bear hugged him tightly. "Thank god your ok!" I said to him.
"I'm always ok with you love." That was when I knew I was in love with him and I tried to not smile as much as I could, but I ended up killing my cheeks anyway.
"Come on. We don't have much time for flirting."
"'Much'." He replied smirking back at me.
Suddenly, we heared a twig brake. "Sorry to interrupt your little moment. But I'm hear to kill your knew girlfriend Jones." He said to Killian... He pulled a knife out of his belt... Then, he transported behind me with the knife pressed against my throat...

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