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by CGB
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2080304
What happens when the world is about to change for one girl... Is it for the good though?
Chapter 4: Jolly Rodger

Peter tightened his grip on the knife shaft. "Stop moving." He commanded. I stopped moving and said: "please do-...," I was cut off when Pan said "Do you ever shut up?"
"No." I replied without thinking. Peter pressed the knife harder into my throat laughing. My pleading eyes flickered towards Killian. "Let her go, mate!" He demanded.
"Give me what I want and I'll give you her, mate." Pan said, mocking Killian.
"Give me her first Pan."
"We both know that's not how it works Killian."
Killian muttered something under his breath and dug into his pockets. He pulled out a small vile of a red liquid substance and gave it to Peter.
"Now give me the girl!" Killian said grimly.
"Here's your girl." Pan spat and threw me on the ground, accidentally, nipping my chin with the knife on the way down...

Killian rushed to my side and scooped me into his arms. He kissed my forehead, and all I wanted to do was lay in his arms and see my family again. All of a sudden, the bushes around us rustled. 'Just my luck', I thought to myself. "We have to go know." Killian whispered urgently in my ear. He put me down and led the way. I was curious so I followed him. We walked for a few minutes when, abruptly, one of those black shadow- like monsters flew at Killian at 500 miles per hour. "Watch out!" I shouted, but it was too late. He slashed with his hook and missed, leaving him open. The monster took its opportunity and grabbed Killian. He started to drag another one of its self out of him. Are they people's inner darkness? No! There people's shadows! I thought to myself. I had to help Killian. I launched myself at the shadow and pulled it of of him. For some reason, when I got off of it, it retreated.... "Come on love! Run!" I sprinted after him...

We ended up on a beach that stunk like Killians car. There was a ship there which, supposedly, he came to me on. "Climb aboard!" He said jollily.
"What is this ship called, the Jolly Rodger!" I joked.
"Exactly love," I guessed right! "Welcome aboard!" Killian continued. We climbed into the ship to be greeted my a woman's voice.
"Thank god your ok captain!" With that the woman threw her arms around Killian and snogged him passionately. My heart sunk (pardon the pun). I didn't know he had a girlfriend already. "Are you two a thing?" I asked tears appearing on my bottom eyelid.
"Yes." The woman said. Killian stayed silent while I cried inside.
"And your the Captain, Killian?" I asked.
"Yes, he's the Captain." Killian stayed silent still.
"What, Captain Hook?" I joked again.
"Exactly." His girlfriend said.
"You've got to be kidding me!" I muttered under my breath. I attempted to leave the ship when 'Captain Hook' actually spoke.
"Where are you going? It's the pirates life for us!" He called...
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