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by CGB
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2080324
What happens when the world changes for one girl... Is it for the good though?...
Chapter 5: Travelling

I didn't want to stay. But, to be quite honest, I had no where to go in Neverland. Apart from with that dreaded Peter Pan, which wasn't happening. So, I decided to stay...

Killians ('Captain Hook's') girlfriend, showed me to the room I was going to sleep in. It looked more like a prison cell: no windows, a bare wooden bed and that was it. We didn't talk on the way there either. I wanted so badly kill her so Killian could be mine, and I know that sounds awful, but people do awful things for love. Before she left, she told me her name was 'Sassa'. "Sounds like an idio-, a beautiful name." I held myself back from retorting. Sassa left the room and Killian strolled in like nothing ever happened between us. That destroyed me inside. "Hi." I said bluntly.
"Hello love." He replied.
"Do you call everyone love." I asked him.
"Yes, love. Have you got a problem with that?"
"Yes, actually, love."
"What's ur problem love."
"The fact that 'love' means a strong feeling of affection towards someone, and you clearly have feelings for that other woman! I mean, you could of told me you had a girlfriend! I thought you loved me Killian!" I shouted at him. Killian didn't say a word, he just moved closer towards me. I didn't have time to say 'What are you doing?' before his lips crashed onto mine...

We kissed for a while until he pulled away, placed his forehead on mine and said: "See love, I do love you." I kissed him again, until we both heared a bang above deck. Me and Killian looked at each other sincerely and rushed above the deck. While we were running up the stairs I couldn't help thinking that whenever something good happens to me, I always get interrupted. This time by...

I stepped on deck. What I saw next I couldn't believe... It was Peter Pan... We all stood staring at him until Pan said "I see we have quite a gathering here."
"What do you want?" I enquired angrily. He ruined my moment with Killian, and for that, he was going to pay.
"Oh, it's not you I want this time, it's the real potion from your beloved Captain Hook. That vile you gave me earlier was a fake. Didn't you think I would noticed when I tried to use it?"
"That was the real potion." Killian said.
"Dont play games with me Hook, I'm the one who does that..."

*StarR* Note from the author: I wanted to say thanks for the support I've been getting telling me to carry on (especially from River), and I'm sorry this chapter was a lot of dialogue, romance and no action but Chapter 6 will be full of it as Peter Pan needs to be taken down! *Fire* Once again thanks for the support (views, ratings, reviews), I really appreciate it! *Heart* Love you all! *InLove2*

Bye! *Bigsmile*

From CGB! *Bigsmile* *InLove2* *Heart*
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