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Marina, goes to Japan after she is adopted and she starts her new life as a high schooler.
Chapter 1: As I grabbed my lunch and out ran out of the house, I was on my way to my Japanese high school Shirokin. After one week being in Japan, I was starting to adapt to the new surroundings. I had always wanted to come study in Japan, when one day I was forced to move after I had gotten adopted by a doctor named Atsuto Moto.I had lost my family in an accident recently and thankfully Doctor Moto, a friend of my parents was there to take me in and make me his daughter. I had moved all the way from Oregon. Even though I had no Japanese origins, he had decided to adopt me and bring me to Japan. Japan was a very far away country and I had never seen myself actually being here. I missed my my family which I had suddenly lost, and I missed my home. My world had suddenly been turned upside down. Before leaving I had spent my whole time learning the language that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. It was the place that had been my home for fifteen years. I was now sixteen and in my first year of high school. As I walked, the beautiful cherry blossoms slowly fell from the trees. It had been a sight I had come to love. I was to start my first day of school. I was nervous, but also curious to see how others would react to a foreigner like me.

Chapter 2: I had finally arrived at the front gate. My heart was beating faster and faster as I approached the doors. The name Shirokin in large Japanese letters were written outside of the school. After I walked in, my new life would officially start.
All around there were strange foreigners. People who were different from me. Their hair, eyes, language, and even their expressions were different. I felt out of place and I hated the feeling. As I walked through the main hallway towards the faculty room, all eyes were on me. Some looked at me with curiosity, some with fear, and others with hostility. I walked quickly keeping my eyes straight ahead as if to attract no more attention than I already was.
"Welcome, to Shirokin" said a voice, "I am the principal of this school, I believe you are Marina Moto, daughter of Doctor Moto?"
"Yes I am Marina, it's a pleasure to meet you, Hashimoto sensei."
"Great! Your Japanese is very fluent, you will be able to attend normal classes like the other students."
"Yes thank you very much." I bowed my head as I replied.
"Please follow me I'll take you to your classroom."

I followed after him. I could see students from the other classrooms curiously peek through the open doors. We finally got to a door at the end of the hall. Class 1-A. The highest level class. The door slowly opened and I walked in after Hashimoto sensei.

"Good morning everyone, I want to introduce a new student from America who will joining your classroom, Marina Moto."
"Hello my name is Marina Moto it's a pleasure to meet you all, I hope we can get along." I said this while bowing my head.
"Hello Marina San, I am Makino sensei, your home room teacher, I am very happy that you are joining our class, take a seat anywhere you'd like."

I walked towards the closest seat in front. I could hear voices quietly whispering behind me as the teacher spoke. Luckily I could understand everything the teacher was teaching. The class went by very slowly and it was finally time to go to lunch. I grabbed my lunch and decided to stay in the classroom and eat there.

Chapter3: "Hello!" I looked up and saw two girls. One with a cheerful smile and the other a tall girl with glasses.
"Your name is Marina, right?" said the girl with big cheerful eyes.
"Yes, hello nice to meet you."
"Wow! your Japanese is amazing!"
"Of course it is, she's Moto sensei's daughter." said the tall girl.
"You know Moto san?"
"Yes, he's a very famous doctor here in Tokyo, everyone knows him."
"Oh, I didn't realize he was that famous."
"Anyways! may we join you?"
"Yes please go ahead." I said to the cheerful girl.
"I am Nana Uchida, this girl with the glasses is Akane Kuma, please call me Nana chan if you'd like."
So, where do you come from?"
"I come from Oregon in America." I replied.
"Wow that sounds interesting!" she said cheerfully, "How do you like Japan?"
"It's very beautiful, I like it very much."
"That's great, you're sixteen right?"
"Nana! stop asking so many questions." said Akane.
"What? I just wanted to know more about her." responded Nana.

They seemed like friendly people, and so far they were the only ones who I had talked to since I had arrived in the classroom. I was glad that I had made new friends.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" asked Nana curiously, I was surprised to hear this.
"No I don't have a boyfriend."
"What?! aww I really wanted to hear about American boys!"
"Nana stop, not everyone cares about boys like you do." said Akane in an annoyed tone.
"Ok sorry, do you like Japanese boys?"
"It's okay, I guess there ok."
"Yay! she likes boys!" Nana said loudly.
We all laughed after that. I was glad I could make new friends like this. They were very nice and made me feel welcomed.

Chapter 4: After our lunch we walked outside of the classroom to take our break.
"So, is there any sport you would like to join?"
"Not really, I really like soccer but I'm a little embarrased." I said.
"What? no we have a great girls team you should totally join!"
"Okay, I'll think about it."
"I heard Oregon has a similar weather to Japan" asked Akane.
"Yeah I guess it's pretty windy and there are alot of trees."
"It's him!" suddenly Nana screamed out.
"Yamato Ichinose, a third year, he's very popular, he's from the Sakura gang."
"Yeah they are the leading, most tough gang of all of Tokyo's high schools. The leader is Ren Kurosaki." explained Akane, "Nana has always had a crush on Yamato kun, he is the best friend of Ren and he is also the second leader."
"He is the best!" said Nana.
"You should be careful, they are the meanest guys of the school." continued Akane.
"Are they really that bad?" I asked.
"Stop lying Akane! Yamato kun isn't mean he is very sweet and tough!"
"Yamato was out childhood friend, he was a good guy until he started hanging out with Ren san. That Ren san is a monster, it's better if you stay away from him. They are all from class 3-D."
"Okay, Ill be careful." I said.

School was finally over and I was walking home. I was glad that I had made two new friends and that my first day of school was over. Now I could go home and relax a little. Moto san was never there in the afternoon since he was always busy. I was thankful that he had adopted me even when my other relatives refused to take me in. Moto san was a kind man who decided to adopt me and bring me all the way to Japan. He was a great friend of my parents, almost family. He had met my father since before I was born after he first came from Japan and he had been with us ever since. He had decided to take me in and make me his daughter.
I was finally home and surprised to see that Moto san was home, making dinner.

"Marina, welcome home!"
"Im back."'
"How was your first day of school?" he asked cheerfully.
"Very good, it was pretty easy and I was able to make new friends. Anyways, don't you have work Moto san?"
"Please, call me Atsuto or Otosan , there is no need to be so formal, anyways I decided to come home early today and make dinner."
"Oh, you didn't have to do that Atsuto san, I know you are very busy."
"It's okay. Let's eat before the food gets cold!"
"Okay!" I responded.

I was happy that Atsuto san had taken time off work just to make dinner for me and spend the afternoon with me. We had a delicious dinner that he had prepared and then I went to mu bedroom after thanking him.

"You're welcome, Goodnight!"
"Goodnight."I responded.

I went to my room and started on my homework. After finishing, I was feeling tired so I decided to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and then got to bed. As I drifted to sleep I could remember everything that had happened before I came to Japan. Tears formed in my eyes as I remembered my family. I realized that the only person I now had was Atsuto san. My home was gone, my family, and even my friends. As I thought about how alone I was I could feel my eyelids slowly getting heavier as I drifted into a deep sleep.

Chapter 5: The alarm clock rang. The time was now six and I had decided to get up. I walked into the bathroom and got ready. I thought I would take a walk through the neighborhood until it was time to go to school. The air was cool and the sun was just beginning to rise. The whole neighborhood was quiet. The silence almost made me feel a little sad. As I walked along the street I suddenly spotted a group of what seemed to be high school boys fighting. In the back of the group stood a guy with long hair watching the fight with an annoyed look. My eyes were stuck on the guys eyes. They burned with power. Something about his stare was intense, something about it kept me captivated. All of a sudden he looked up to see me. As I stared into his beautiful eyes I could not look away. I stared into his eyes, his lips slowly curved up into a smirk. Suddenly there was the sound of a police whistle, the group of guys quickly stopped and ran out of the neighborhood. I continued walking towards the school. I was still wondering why the guy had smirked and I couldn't forget those eyes. As I thought about this the school bell rang.

"Oh no, I'm going to be late!"

I quickly made it to class in time. The teacher was just about to start the lesson. As class began, I still couldn't forget about the guy I had seen earlier. He probably hadn't looked at me and I probably just thought he did. Suddenly the teacher called my name.

"Marina could you take these books to Miura sensei in class 3-D?" This classroom sounded familiar and everyone gasped.

"Sure." I said, everybody looked surprised. I walked out of the classroom and I could hear voices talking rapidly from the classroom. At the end of the hall was the classroom 3-D. I had heard from Akane that 3-D was the worst class in the school. They were dangerous delinquents who would always cause problems for the school. I was beginning to feel scared. I finally got to the door and slowly opened it. I could hear loud voices coming from the classroom. As I walked in everyone stopped and all eyes turned to me. The room was full of tough looking guys. Most of them had wild hair, chains hanging from their pockets and piercings in their ears as signs of intimidation. I swallowed hard. I didn't know what to say so I remained silent. Suddenly a guy stood up.

"It's a foreigner!" said a voice, "Who the hell are you?"

The guy came up to me and grabbed my shirt collar while moving closer. I became terrified and closed my eyes as another voice.

"Let her go Yuya, I don't think she even knows what you're saying."

The guy let me go and I looked towards the back of the classroom. To my surprise it was the guy I had seen that morning. His dark brown eyes and long black, wild hair were the same. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at his handsome face.

"Why are you here?" he said again in a commanding voice.

"I...I... I'm looking for Miura sensei."

"He's not here, he's in the faculty room, I'll take you." said another voice from the other side of the room.

A guy with wavy brown hair stood up. I followed the guy out of the classroom.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a quiet voice as if not wanting the others to hear.

"Yeah, thank you for taking me, I am Marina Moto, nice to meet you."

"Whatever, I'm Yamato Ichinose."

I finally remembered that he was the one Nana had talked about.

"You're not Japanese are you?" he asked.

"No I'm American."

"I thought so."

"You don't seem violent like the other guys."

"Those guys are actually cool, their my friends, they just don't like it when people mess with us, especially Ren."

"Ren?" I asked.

"Yeah the guy who told Yuya to let you go, he's our leader and the toughest fighter, anyways, here's the faculty room, bye."

Before I could ask anything else Yamato had already started walking away.

"Thank you!" I yelled out.

Yamato kept walking. I gave the text books to Miura sensei and left the room.

Chapter 6:

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