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Redemption of the fallen
As my bones lay smoldering
I think about my past
The horrors I've done are second to none
which leaves me contrite and aghast.

On the winds of death, my words
fly to all who may hear
this tale of woe, of sorrow, behold
I tell from behind these tears.

The lands I've scorched, whole nations destroyed
the seas churned red with blood
unabated, my fury, like a deadly jury,
judged swift like a thundering flood.

Alas, these things could not remain
for a hero had risen up
I tasted defeat at the hand of his fleet
and sipped from failure's bitter cup.

My body he burned, my will defeated
I may never again be whole
he tore open my dreams by their tattered seams
but he couldn't destroy my soul.

These centuries I've wandered the forests of death
an eternity of reminiscence
my soul was hollow and I could not follow
the light that shined in the distance.

Through this eternity, I've created a verdict
through no small effort of mine
my time shall be used to bring up the abused
who, like me, are victims of time.

Those souls who wander the forests like me
wailing their dreary fate
I'll help in the healing of their shattered feelings
before it grows much too late.

My soul recovered
which courage will bid
this evil is vanquished
the horrors forbid.
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