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A man battered finds hope
There once was a man who couldn't speak
nor see through his useless eyes
he sat in a chair woven from camel's hair
from which he was unable to rise

In the middle of the streets he sat all day
enduring the pains of many
all day he would sit as the people would spit
and they dubbed him "The Freak Evgeny"

He heard it all, the sarcasm and leers
as bigotry smote his cheek
his confidence waned from his frail and pained
soul that was just too weak

"Stand up, you fool, and defend yourself"
said one man passing by
the splash of wet he would never forget
as the spit struck him near his eye

"A man so worthless should not be alive"
was spoken from another voice
his soul was in shreds and his heart was lead
to stand, he wished was his choice

He craved for love, for praise and care
from somebody who knew his pain
he awaited the day one would approach him and say
"let me take you from all of this rain"

The curses still came as he sat immobile
and tried to rise from his chair
he never gave up trying to lift himself up
as the people would judge and stare

He stopped the struggle for the hundredth time
as he wheezed from overexertion
his eyes grew wet as he tried to forget
how futile his hope for a person

He felt on his face a warmth come near
a hand grasping tightly his own
a voice to him called out from within,
"son, it's time to come home."

The voice he knew, from where he knew not
but it healed his beaten soul
he rose to his feet as his sorrows were beat
and he rejoiced in being whole

"My son, you have fought a tough one indeed
and for that, you will be blessed
your trials were given for you to become driven
and now you may go to your rest."

Evgeny, still blind, put his trust in this Man
and into his embrace fell
where he would go, he did not know
but he did know all would be well.
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