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Just a bunch of lyrics I made up
Always watching always waiting just can’t live like this any more
I need you____ to love me back____ Again
To see that face one more time would be like openin’ a brand new door__
To see that glimmer in your eyes would cause a flood__ to rise
I am always waiting always watching always listening__
To hear that voice oh to see that smile spread across your face would__ get my heart to race once_____ again_____
always watchin’ from time to time__
always waiting for another day to go by

My Drummer Boy
I was walking in my in hoodie talking to my friends--- telling how I got a new guy and--- how he is so perfect but he doesn’t know it yet oh
He caught me by surprise the other day he started beatin’ on his drum and looked at my face--- He did not look away
He is my little anti-social pessimistic in--tro---vert
he plays, he plays the rhythms that are in my head
I’d walk away but I’m gonna stay instead
cuz I want em’ to be-.........

My drummer boy oh--- oooo oh--- ooooo
My drummer boy oh--- oooo oh---- oooo
don’t leave me hangin’ play that beat
get that song right to feet
be-- my--- drummer boy
my drummer boy oh my drummer
boy ooo oh-- ooo oh--- oh
he is my no talk gotta walk drummer boy
he is my stick bangin’ laid back shy guy drummer boy oh---oh
come on keep playing, keep on playing, play it over and over and over again cuz you are
My drummer boy oh--- oooo oh---- oooo
don’t leave me hangin’ play that beat
get that song right down to my feet
right from the start it goes to my heart
be-- my--- drummer boy
my drummer boy oh my drummer
boy ooo oh-- ooo oh--- ooo

There is fire shooting from my hands
Wind blowin’ through my hair
Water coming from my eyes
Ground beneath my feet

All of these el-e-ments are whirling around with my emotions
And no stop trying to be nice there’s nothin’ you can do about it (oh oh)
Cuz you caused all of this

These el-(e) ments are messin’ with my e-mo-tions
Oh--------- Caused you caused these rains so you caused the flood
Cuz once you got wind you get a hurricane
once again you caused all of this

There’s fire from the pain of yesterday shooting from my palms
the ground beneath my feet is breakin’
i can barely see through my wind blown hair
i’m startin’ to drown in my own tears

and there’s nothing you can do caused you caused the mess
and you’re messin’ with me now
and no stop tryin’ to show off-
you don’t really care-
i know you-
there’s nothin’ you can do cuz you caused all of this

you say i’m not myself oh oh
that i should just lay down, NO!
of course i’m not myself
you broke me! oh

all these elements are reactin’ with my emotions
why did you go do the things you did
all these elements el-e-ments elements el-ements
largo pianissimo
all these el e ments

Voices in My Head
I just gotta love those voices in my head
continuing to talk to me about my dreams
Telling me that I Love you
People have started to think that I've lost my mind
But I'm gonna listen to Alice

Cuz everyone has little bit crazy
Everyone has a little voice in their head
Everyone's had that dream
That doesn't make sense
The one with the hatter and the hare
And that pretty cute guy
with them light blue eyes
The ones that make you wanna stare
and you can’t quit thinking ‘bout ‘em
the reason you look off into space
is cuz the little voices in ya head that tell you
that you love him instead of being friends
the one that never seems to stop

Feel Loved
So, I was sittin’ in a hole feelin alone
Nowhere to go
Until you sat beside me and said “Hello….”
We both kinda smiled awkwardly
Well I guess that’s just me

I was in my one little world at that time feelin’ slightly depressed
It was time to put this happiness thing to rest
But then you came along
I started singing sweeter songs
That went La La La ooo La La La ooOO
You make me wanna be me
You make me loved (4x)

You make me feel like I am a person
Like i am worth it
So for the first time in about an eternity
I actually wanna be me
You make me feel loved (2X)

You make me feel like I’m not
A doormat that everyone steps on
A ball that gets kicked around
but before,
I felt like I should have been thrown to the floor
and not walking out the door following my dreams
You make me wanna be me

You make me loved (4x)
You make me feel like it’s just you and me
Like I am something bigger than those silly rumors
Like I am something better than those awful lies
Now that I got you and your hand
I’m not alone
You make me feel loved (5x)

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