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What happens when the world changes for one girl... Is it for the good though?...
Chapter 6: The potion

Peter Pan disappeared... "What was that about?" I said to Killian, running a hand through my hair like I always do (I guess I was trying to act sexy for him *Wink*). "What do you think love, I gave him the wrong potion." He replied harshly. "Whats up with you? You were fine a minute ago." I asked him.
"It's none of your business, ok!" He screamed at me so the whole crew heard- embarrassing. 'It's about that potion' I thought. 'So,' I thought, 'I better go find Pan and tell him to back off...'. I dived over the side of the ship...

SPLASH! The water was bloody freezing. We had only just set sail, so it was only a 10 minute- ish- swim away from Neverland. My heart and mind was swirling in a hurricane of feelings: anxiousness, frightenedness, jealousy (of that woman- I thought of her name in spite, Sasha), but most of all, determinedness. I was going to stop Pan. For Killian... I reached the shore...

"PETER PAN!" I boomed, running my hand through my- now dripping wet- hair again. "I can hear you." He said from behind me. "I came t-." I began.
"I know what you came for. You came to protect Killian, and if you look at the Jolly Rodger, he's on his way back to Neverland- my beautiful home- to protect you."
"Damn it Hook." I muttered under my breath. Peter laughed.
"Look, I'm not going to kill you yet, your part of my plan," I locked eyes with him. 'Yet', I gulped... 'What plan?' I wondered. Pan continued speaking: "But, I am going to give you this." He handed me the fake potion Killian gave him. "Thanks, however, as much as I appreciate it," I said as sarcastically as I could, "that's not what I came for."
"Oh really," Pan said, "and what are you going to about that, eh?" He responded smugly.
"This." I upper-cutted him right in the jaw.
"I was starting to like you aswell." Pan said in response. He then vanished, leaving behind only: the fake potion, and a note saying...

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