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First installment brief beginning stage


Beginning a ball of cells known as Blastocyst full of DNA from the dividing of two strands,a human is in the making.The internal story begins to unfold, neurons active within the brain dividing and multiplying cells,the creating process has begun.The exterior design comes to be genetically ordered determined by the links between mother and father DNA. As the human reaches full development for survival outside of the carrier, neurons in the brain cells divide rapidly, the human is now taken in oxygen from the outside world.
Cells need oxygen to live and survive,the earth managed to maintain a level of oxygen thus directly played a roll in why we were able to form from the start.As you know humans are first a ball of cells,division occurs mapped out by the given DNA which houses the main genetic link.Can you recall being a ball of cells? were you aware of this process?
As a human child helpless on its own,neurons are dividing with in cells which is also dividing allowing the brain to capture sounds and images,it is expanding; The beginning of developing consciousness.Now from here on the human brain will grow and expand along with the humans genetic exterior, learning and recalling things, making this the start of developing a reality.

(next stage cont.)
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