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A brief poem about struggles of chronic pain that many of us suffer everyday.
She wakes up,
Tries to brush her hair,
It hurts her hand,
Shes in despair,

It hurts to stand,
So much to bare,
What to do
Is never clear.

It even hurts to walk,
What can she do,
Stare at the wall?
Have a pill or two,

No one to call.
Nobody knows,
they see this pretty girl,
They don't see her woes,

If she looks so good,
She must be well,
A shiny pearl,
In her own kind of hell.

They don't understand,
Perhaps they never will,
She just wants a normal life,
Without pain or pill.

Everyday she suffers,
She feels very weak,
Trying to find answers,
Each test looks bleak.

Nothing is wrong,
Everything looks okay,
Try this or try that,
Thats all they ever say.

She's so tired,
And feels all alone,
Her body aches,
A tremble and a moan.

She closes down,
She gets depressed,
This life is tough,
She's lost interest.

But she cant give up,
For the ones she loves,
They count on her,
She must wear these gloves.

She must be strong,
And smile to her kin,
Even though it hurts,
She hides it within.
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