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4 stories are 1 story
Kio was hungry
He ate someone
Sadly they threw Kio away

The next day Kio
hugged Bob
Bob got mad and
kicked Kio

The next day Kio
met Neo
Both of which loved eachother
and hugged and kicked everyday
till a week later

The next week Kio
hugged someone else
Neo got mad
Neo started an intergalactic
for 20 years

Kio begged Neo to stop
soon Kio got tired
Kio used his hugging abilities
to have an army to fight

Kio grew old
he wished not to do this anymore
and at age 77
he tried to make peace with Neo

Neo met BYO
BYO vaporized Neo
and used his dust
to make lava
for Kio

Kio was horrified
he gave up
the lava made him better
he didn't want this anymore
he sent the lava away

BYO was angered
and in the next 15 years
led the war on
till he died at age 83
and gave his power to GOI

GOI fought hard and long
for 2 years
till he gave up
and ended the war
Kio died 100+ years ago


Bob grew strong
Bob created humanity
Bob created numbers
Bob created all

Bob ended his life
at age 43 in the 9th ending
of the dimension

y grew out of Bob
y guided the 10th dimension
y became corrupted
y became x

x destroyed all life
x created the Ultimate Life
x transferred his endless life
for the better of Ultimate Life


the Ultimate Life matured
it let everything grow strong
even in the end
everything was right
and nothing was wrong

throughout the beginnings and endings
of the dimension
the Ultimate Life
was never impacted
no tension
no hardships


Maccka ate ham at 8:43 in the afternoon
her mother Yacko told him the time was unlucky
the legends say 8 is horrific, and so is 2, 4, 3, and 7.

Maccka didn't believe in those legends
he believes these numbers are lucky
Yacko died the next day

Maccka still held his belief of the numbers
and more people died
he gave up his beliefs
everyone was revived

he stayed away from the numbers
everyone used them
he grew strong
everyone grew stronger

he soon became poor
losing his sanity
he called the Urus
to see if they could help

the Urus told him to use
2, 8, 4, 3, and 7
Maccka refused
Maccka ascended to a higher existence
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