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by Desire
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2080711
Unrequited love
Loving you is killing me,
I can't let this go.
The feelings that I have for you,
just continue to grow.

My demons grow stronger,
I can't win this war.
These feelings are the death of me,
can't fight it anymore.

Tell me I'm stupid,
that you won't feel the same.
Please, break my heart,
put an end to this pain.

The more we talk,
the deeper I fall.
Can't help these feelings,
can't stop them all.

My demons are winning,
can't stop this pain.
My heart skips a beat,
when I see your name.

We're just friends,
you made that clear.
But I love you,
so I fear.

I can't lose you,
you mean to much.
But I cross the lines,
and enjoy the rush.

So, my demons, please
let me go.
Because I can't handle,
hearing him say no.

I can't lose him,
but can't have him.

He's not mine.

So I write these poems,
because my heart is thine.
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