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Will you fall silent in your dreams?
It was dark.

You could only hear the water dripping in the vastness of the area.

Slow footsteps from above match the pulse of your heart.

A practically inaudible cry echoes off in the distance.

The atmosphere feels like a small room.

You feel around the walls, in hopes of finding a door, but you don’t find one.

Your head is all fuzzy and you don’t know how you got here nor do you even know where you are.

All you know is that with every couple of hours, (you’re assuming), you hear screams.

Screams that seem to go on forever.

What and who is causing them?

You’ve counted 16 times in which you’ve heard screaming.

All seemed like a day’s apart, sort of like screams that happen every night.

Am I just waiting for my turn, you ask yourself.

Such questions flood your mind so much that it is hard to fall asleep.

*Chuckles* Sleep. You haven’t known it in a while.

It seems like forever since you met sleep, all warm, safe, and comfortable alone in your bed.

Memories from your past rush back so hard that you break down crying.

Ohhhh, the feeling was overpowering, to be alone and to let loose all of the pain and sorrow.

Since you have lost track of time so very long ago, it felt like hours, maybe even days in which you’ve been crying.

It has been so long in fact that when you stopped sobbing, you hear something in the distance.

Usually you hear horrified screams, but something is different now.

“Thump, thump” goes the noise.

The tempo of the steps seems to gradually increase like someone is rushing towards somewhere.

The sound is pounding your ears as it comes right above you.

And then…eye piercing brightness.

You cry in discomfort as your eyes feel like someone poured acid all over you.

You feel something grabbing you and lift you high into the air.

Something hard hits you across the face.

Darkness welcomes you once more.

You sleep for what feels like days.

But you wake up to more light.

You’re laying on something cold…feels like a metal bed.

A door slams somewhere behind you.

A strange chattering occurs, like someone talking to oneself.

The source of the voice brings blood-coiling fear to your head.

Your ears are ringing a little…making the voice sound like multiple voices.

A different voice is whimpering…muffled, as if a dog was beaten into a cage.

You hear a slashing noise like a knife being pulled from metal.

The voice says something so terrifying, “The skin is much too plain…needs some designs...ha-ha!”

A shrieking cry fills the room.

This is unlike any normal scream.

This ear piercing scream is almost like when a woman is giving birth.

More like when you cut open somebody without anything to numb the pain.

There’s dripping sounds, “Splat, splat” as thick blood falls from the body to the floor.

The torment went on for what seemed like an hour.

After a while, the screams finally died down.

All was silent except for the hacking at the fleshy tissue.

The voice vocalized again, “There, See, much more interesting, loving the color.”

The sounds of footsteps gradually increase, coming closer and closer.

You start to smell the stench and odor of rotting flesh and blood.

Your heart beats so fast that you’re afraid of it jumping out of your chest.

One question is sticking out in your mind.

Is this the end?

Sweat starts to pour down your face.

As the footsteps come closer, a black, shadowy figure appears, the face hidden behind the bright light.

The figure bends down to reveal a face that looks like the skin has been pealed back so that blood oozing pear through. Pale, white teeth shown through the lipless face. Where the eyes are supposed to be, there are just black holes.

The aroma was like an oil and iron field mixed with sweat.

The face kindly says, “Why hello there.”

The muscle’s stretch like the face was trying to grin.

A simple urge to upchuck quietly comes over you.

You lean over the side, but a hand grabs your mouth and you end up throwing up in the hand, forcing you to swallow and almost drowning in your own spit.

“No, no, I just mopped the floor.” The voice said.

Your vision goes blurry, as you choke on the contents that are plunged deep in your esophagus.

As the seconds pass by, the ability to breath becomes harder, and harder with each breath.

You get hit in the chest with a fist.

The contents in your throat spew out all over the place, “Can’t work when you are squirming around.”

The voice starts to mumble as it walks away, “…to dull…won’t cut right.”


The sound of a knife sharpening is uneasy in this acoustic room.

“Ah, there we go…”

The figure returns with an object that looks to be like a knife that is 20 feet long.

“A special toy for a special portrait.”, Says the voice.          

The blade is raised up to the light, steel stained red from the last victim.

The figure lays the knife on your chest.

You shiver from how cold the blade is against your skin.

“I’m thinking of a tree on fire and a building in the background. Yes, yes. That will go together very nicely.”

The figure picks up the knife.

You start to smell a strange aroma like fumes from a burner.

As uneasy minutes go by, the figure returns with the blade red-hot.

It comes close to your skin.

The heat is unlike anything you’ve ever felt.

The hairs on your arm are singed off.

Your hand is grabbed and forced upon the blade.

Your scream is so loud, almost nothing comes out.

The hand goes numb and you almost pass out.

Your skin start to melt as the blade touches your flesh.

“No passing out on me.”, the figure says.

You start to throw up again.

The tip of the warm blade is pressed to your chest again.

You feel a horrific pain as the cutting edge pierces your skin.

The figure takes time, “Wanting to get every line perfect.”

Your vision starts to blur and go black.

The torment goes on for hours.

You pass out many times, only to find yourself in so much pain that you end up waking.

“There, almost finished.”

Blood is pouring out the side of your mouth.

You catch a glimpse of the disgust.

The carnage looks like somebody took a saw and just hacked at your chest.

Peeled skin reveals your ribs, giving you a glimpse at the organs inside. Your stomach is wide enough so that your intestines hang and dangle. Your lungs have expanded, burning with and every lingering breath. Your soul screeches for freedom. Why won’t you let go? Why do you want to endure the pain? Don’t you want it to end?

The figure pours hot water onto the wound.

“To sterilize and clean.”, says the stature.

Steam rises from your skin.

The pain is unbearable.

You are screaming as loud as the never-ending pain consumes your mind and body.

An alarm goes off.

Your ears bleed from the noise.

You get picked up to be carried off.

You stop in mid-air.

Wind rushes past as you start to fall to the ground, falling into what seems like water, but steam appears and bubbles arise.

Your skin starts to rot away.


Your eyes flood as you watch your body burn and sizzle away.

You scream and kick, but nothing seems to help.

The more you scream, the lesser the pain.

Everything starts to go black, almost like you are traveling back in time.

Your eyes open to the bright morning sunlight shining through the window.

Sweat is pouring down your face, chest heaving from waking up in a panic.

“It was just a nightmare.”, you say heavily.

While struggling to get out of bed, you notice dirty footprints on the floor.

Prints the size of boots seems to be leading off into the kitchen.

While cautiously walking out of the room, you start to smell a strong, irony smell.

Almost like…

No, it couldn’t be true.

You hear soft air coming from the far corner of the room.

You stop dead in your tracks as soft footsteps comes closer, taunting you.

As you slowly turn, a blackened figure stands before you, sending chills down your spine.

“Why hello again, HAHAHAH!!”, the figure screams.

A knife rises, pointing straight at your heart.


Wakes up.

“Ah, what a pleasant dream, time to get to work.”

A door opens to reveal a dismembered body with a tree carved into its chest.

“This one is going onto the wall, most defiantly.”, the individual says.

The dismembered body is hooked through the head and out the mouth.

Suspended in mid-air, blood twinkles down to the floor, creating a sea of black liquid.

The body’s eyes are closed for the night.

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