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something I wrote randomly while I was sad tonight Didn't put much thought, if any into it
The mask I hide behind is quickly deteriorating, and i'm not doing a thing to stop it. My very existence is falling apart, right in front of my eyes, and i'm letting the pain i've hidden so long seep though the creavases in my mask. Am i giving up, or am i destroying myself completely, removing the makeup everyone covered me in, the mold they put me in so that i can become the real me? Why did i let everyone cut and tamper with my wings to their liking, painting my beautiful colorful wings white, so that they resembled those around me? My true beauty hidden behind everyone else's definition of what it means to have beautiful wings. My colorful wings a curse in a picture perfect world. What many don't understand is that behind every happy snapshot has pain deeply engraved in every pixel. Maybe those people don't long for freedom, because freedom is the very abomination that destroys us. It destroys our souls because it makes us different from the rest. One day i won't hide my beautiful colorful wings. But always remember, the majestic swan started off as an ugly duckling. As i peel away the mask i wear so dearly, underneath all my pain and hidden emotions lies beauty amidst the darkness. Free my soul from all the poison i've swallowed for an eternity, and i'll be the majestic swan, once this mask i've worn for so long turns into ashes and blows away like nothingness in a silent breeze.

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