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Two children meet a purple bear from another planet
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Pixie the Purple Polar Bear
Chapter One

Ava listened carefully, as her teacher told the details of the new art project. "Make a collage of photos."

The eight year old's big, brown eyes sparkled with excitement as she thought of the possibilities. Her dad had given her his old camera just the other day. This was the perfect time to use it!

The bell rang, snapping Ava's thoughts back to the classroom. The other children were already standing and putting on their sweaters. Ava pushed her hand through the sleeve of her own pink sweater as Tammy approached.

"Ava, what will you do for the project? I might take pictures of my dolls!" Tammy's fingers skillfully pulled her long, black locks into a hair tie, creating a pretty ponytail as she talked.

"I want to take pictures of animals." Ava answered.

"Cool. Are you walking home now, Ava?"

"Yes, I just need to throw these two cans into the recycling bin around the back. Will you walk with me?"

"Sure. I have a can to recycle, too." Tammy put her backpack down on a desk, and reached in until she found an empty can of orange juice. "I think it's great how we can cut down on our planet's waste by simply recycling our juice cans."

The two girls talked as they left their classroom and walked out of the building through the backdoor. Ava felt the chilliness of the October day, but she smiled as she glanced up at the sunny sky. "Look at how blue the sky is, Tammy."

"That white, fluffy cloud looks like a rabbit!" Tammy giggled. "You should totally take a picture of it for your animal photos."

With their eyes looking up to the sky, the two girls almost didn't see the bright, purple Polar bear child, who was busy digging into the recycling bin.

"Eek!" Ava yelled. "What are you?"

"Yikes!" The bear replied. "I'm a Polar bear. What are you two doing back here?"

"We're recycling our cans." Ava frowned as she spoke. "And, you shouldn't be playing in that bin."

"What! No, I'm not playing in the bin. I was sitting on it, but then I wanted to see what was inside. I dropped my robot toy in by accident. Can you please help me get her out? My name is Pixie, by the way. I'm from a different planet."

"A different planet? " Tammy's right eyebrow curved up. "Polar bears are from the Arctic."

"I am from the Arctic. Just not the Arctic of this planet. My planet is called Adara."

"Adara?" Tammy looked over at Ava to make sure she heard what the bear said. "We learned the planet names in our science class, and Adara isn't one of them."

"Ah!" Pixie began. "That's because your planets are in the Milky Way Galaxy, and Adara is in the Andromeda Galaxy."

"Galaxy?" Ava pondered the word. "What's a galaxy?"

"A galaxy is a star system." Pixie shrugged as she spoke, wondering why the girls didn't know this simple fact. "Earth is in the Milky Way galaxy, and my planet is in the Adromeda Galaxy. Yikes!" Pixie was startled when Ava suddenly took her picture with the camera.

"Hee hee." Laughed Ava. "I only took your picture. I need to take lots of animal pictures for my art project."

"Oh! That's okay. In fact, if you help me find my robot, I'll take you to my home for a little while, and you can take pictures of my family and my neighbors. My robot can teleport all of us there together."

"Great! Maybe I can take all of the photos I need there."

"Wait, Ava." Tammy interrupted. "We would only be able to stay for a few minutes, because we have to go home. And, what does teleport mean?"

Pixie was jumping up and down with excitement about bringing her new friends home. "Teleport changes a person into energy, then targets that energy somewhere else. In this case, we would be targeted to my planet of Adara. We would change back again when we get there. It's really simple. I do it all of the time. Please come! You only have to stay a few minutes, and then I'd bring you right back."

In reply, Tammy reached into the bin, and quickly found the small, shiny black robot. "Is this it?"

"Roberta!" Pixie smiled as she took Roberta the robot from Tammy. "Are you okay, Roberta?"

"I am okay. What is our destination?"

"Take myself and my two friends to Adara please."

Everything seemed to sparkle before Tammy and Ava's eyes. Soon the setting changed to very colorful and cold surroundings. "Whoa!" Ava was amazed. "Where are we?"

"Welcome to Adara." Pixie waved her arm, to proudly point out her neighborhood. The snow and ice were a bright, blue color. Nearby buildings were bold orange. Pixie was happy to see the girl's big smiles. Just then, a large snowy owl landed on a signpost right next to the friends.

"Hello Pixie. Who are they?" Sophia Snowy Owl gazed curiously at the girls.

"These are my friends from Earth. Is it okay with you if they take your picture?"

"Of course." Sophia said, as she spread her bright blue wings to pose.

Ava already had her camera out, and quickly took the picture.

"Thank you." Pixie said. "Now, I have to get my friends inside before they get too cold." As Sophia flew away, Pixie walked to the entrance door of her apartment building, and gestured for her friends to follow. "First, I'll introduce you to my family, and then I'll take you to a few of my friends apartments. We're going to have so much fun taking pictures!"

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