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There are a lot of ways to die. Fire doesn't have t be one of them.

Liar, Liar, Death on Fire

     "Baby I'm a liar." Ponc continued pacing around the family room of the residence he shared with his lover Yenti. He only stopped when he spoke to her. “I’m working on it. But I know I still have a long way to go to stop doing it.”

     “I know you have been going to your weekly meetings.” Yenti sat in a chair toward the center of that room. It spun around so she was always facing Ponc. “Maybe we should change that to multiple days a week or even daily.”

     “I’m not that bad. I don’t need to go to multiple or daily meetings.”

     Yenti had a very angry look on her face. “I think you do. It’s bad enough when you lie to me. But now you are lying to The Law too.”

     “No, I’m not. I haven’t been lying about that.”

     “Not according to them. They claim they have found everything they need that says you killed her.”

     Ponc did have a worried look on his face. Now it looked angry. “I know they think I did it. But I didn’t.”

     “They aren’t saying that you killed her – exactly. Only that you know who did it. If you didn’t kill her, then you know who did.”

     “I don’t. Yes, I was there just after she got killed. But I didn’t see the killer – or the fire they started trying to cover it up.”

     For several minutes neither said anything. It was Yenti who finally broke the silence. “I never thought you did it. But The Law does. And they are the ones that you have to worry about.”

     “Why do you think I’ve been walking around. You know I get nervous when something like this happens.”

     “I know you do. But you still need to stop doing it. You are making me crazy.”

     Ponc didn’t do anything at first. After about a minute he sat down in a chair next to Yenti. Both chairs continued to spin until Ponc and Yenti were facing each other. “Do you have any idea why The Law wanted me here tonight?”

     “All I know is that they asked me if you were here – and to kept you here. As for why my guess is that they are going to take you in for more questioning. If you’re lucky.”


     “Why didn’t you tell them I wasn’t here?” Ponc asked.

     “I was afraid they might take that to mean you were running. Besides, they probably already knew you were here. They have been watching us ever since that fire killed Norra. Actually, the fire didn’t kill her. But you know what I mean.”

     Both chairs were now facing the large open entrance into that room. “I know. Not only have they been observing our residence but they have been following me everywhere I go too.”

     Yenti saw Ponc practically hit the ceiling when a tuneful melody began. “I guess we are about to find out why they are here.”

     About a minute later a couple came into that room. The only thing that said they were The Law was the small wood open boxes they held in their hands.

     “We know who you are. So are you here to take me in for more questions – or is it directly to the Death Chamber for a death I didn’t do.”

     Law Enforcers Chanus and Shanie glanced at each other. Shanie had a big smile on her face too. It was Shanie who spoke first. “We aren’t here to take you anywhere.”

     “We are here to give you some good news. Shanie and I have caught the real killer of Norra.”

     “What do you mean by that?” Yenti asked. “Who is it?”

     “Why have you been hovering all over me for the past several weeks if you didn’t think I killed Norra? Which you obviously didn’t.”

     “We are sorry about that. But we couldn’t let the real killer know we were after him until we found all we needed to put him to death too.”

     Chanus took over a few seconds later. “We also did it to protect you too. That’s why we have been ‘hovering,’ as you call it, around you. You did see the killer. Didn’t you?”

     “What we don’t understand is why you have been keeping it a big secret.” Shanie and Chanus took the other two chairs in the room after being offered to them by Ponc and Yenti.

     Ponc thought about that for a minute. “That depends on who the killer is?

     “His name is Bantim. You too have known each other for years. Is that why you didn’t say anything? That’s it, isn’t it? You didn’t want to get your friend in trouble.”

     “Bantim isn’t my friend. In fact, he’s just the opposite. We have hated each other ever since childhood because he used to be my harasser. That’s why I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if you knew about our past or not. But I figured you would sooner or later. And I didn’t want you to think I was lying to you about it to get him into trouble. I have said a couple of lies over the years. But who hasn’t.”

     Yenti covered her mouth with her hand to cover-up a big smirk. She really had to try hard from not bursting out laughing when he said that about lying a couple of times. “I don’t care why you did it. I’m just glad it’s all over with.”

     They continued talking to each other for another half hour before Chanus and Shanie left. As Yenti was escorting them out Ponc thought to himself. I finally got even with you Bantim for all those years of harassment. You are going to die for something I did. I’m just sorry that your former lover had to die to do it.

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