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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2081586
Chars: Nick, Marvin, Melvin, Johannes...
At the 10th of July, the classes 10e and 10d going of for a summer camp.
A few of these students are Nick, Marvin, Melvin and Johannes.

Nick: "Anyone an idea what to eat today?"
Marvin: "We could eat pasta."
Melvin: "We don't have a kitchen idiot."
Johannes: "What's about pizza? I like pizza!"
Nick:"Ok, we will order one big pizza."

[Nick orders the pizza...]

Melvin: "Johannes could you give me a beer?"

[Johannes "Sure"

Melvin: "Thank you!"

[After a while, they got drunk]

Johannes: "Oh nice the pizza arrived."

[Nickgave the man his money]

[Nick lay it down on the carpet]

Marvin: "That looks nice." [opening the pizza carton]

[In this very moment, Johannes took a wrong step and munched the pizza under his bare foot]

Johannes: "Oh shit! Really sry guys."

[The other three guys were really drunken at this point....]

Nick: "It's okay Johannes."
Melvin: "Yeah we will simply lick the pizza off your foot."
Johannes: "Haha, sounds pretty good."

[Johannes stretched his leg out and Melvin pulled it to them]

Nick: "I've never told that someone before, but I am really attracted by boy feet, Johannes."

[Nick pulled his boxer down and rubbed his dick]

Marvin: "You are not the only one:"

[Marvin pulled his boxer down as well]

Johannes: "He-hey guys...don't do something stupid now."

Nick: "Too late.."

[Nick grabbed Johannes foot and licked a long slimy path across the sole. Johannes laughed and wiggled his toes. Marvin pulled Johannes's boxer down, revealing his dick. Nick let his tongue lick all over his big sole, while Melvin took his other foot and sucked on his long toes.. Johannes dick got hard and then he moaned.]

Marvin: "Oh you like that? How about that..!"

[Marvin started to rub his sole at {c:brownJohannes shaft. He moaned and rubbed his dick into Marvin's big sole. Marvin played with his toes at Johannes tip, while massaging his shaft. He rubbed faster and faster into the smooth sole and smeared his pre-cum into the space between his toes.]

Johannes: "I will!--"

[Johannes came into Marvin's toes]

Marvin: "Nick can I lick you feet now? They look sexy."
Nick: "Go on"

[Marvin began to lick Nick's nice soles. Moaning from the incredible taste, Marvin sucking on his toes, licking in between them. And not enough, Melvin let his toes squeeze his cock.]

Marvin: "No Need to hurry guys."

[Marvin stopped and took Johannes foot, he pushed his cock into Johannes sole. Johannes tried to pull his foot away, but Melvin took a glass bottle and smashed it on his head. Johannes got knocked-off and Marvin fucked meanwhile into his feet.
Nick began to fuck Melvin's feet. He let his cock slide between Melvin's arches and sole. He fucked harder and his cock make his path from his arches to the sole and the toes. He made a huge cum-shot into Melvin's toes.]

Nick: "Melvin..you-you're my hero."
Melvin: "In a second you're mine."

[He flipped Nick on his back and pushed his cock into his hole. Melvin took Nick's feet and licked them. Marvin then rubbed his cock into Johannes toes and his balls on his sole.]

Marvin: "Johannes your feet are so smooth."

[Marvin let his feet down began fuck his mouth. He fucked his mouth without any grace. Marvin pushed his huge cock into the mouth of him.
Johannes mouth was full of sperm, his shaft was wet from saliva from the young boy. Meanwhile came Melvin into Nick's ass. Marvin and Melvin, both took Nick's feet and sucked on this toes. Marvin took Nicks foot and gave him a big lick all over his sole. He began to lick under his toes and in between them.They tongues swirling around the blond haired boys toes. Nick loved the feel of there slimy tongues between his toes. But then took Melvin a rope and restrained Nick's arms. Now that he was defenseless, they began to fuck his feet. Marvin grabbed Nicks feet, fucking into the space between his toes. He moaned as he rubbed his balls on his slimy sole. Marvin pressed his cock into the hot and sweet flesh of Nicks sole, while Melvin does the same with the other foot.]

Nick: Come'on guys, I don't want...

[Melvin pushed a sock of him into Nick's mouth]

Melvin: "Yeah Nick...cry while we rape you...it turns me on!"

[Melvin pushed his cock into Nick's smooth sole, laughing as he saw Nick crying. Then Marvin bite into Nick's toes, what made him cry louder. He made slurping noises while sucking and nibbling on the top of his sexy foot. He took on off Johannes feet and the one of Nick and gave himself a footjob with them. He moved them up-and down, massaging his big cock with the big soles of the boys. After a while he came and shot everything into there soles. Soon after, Melvin pulled Marvin's feet to his cock and fucked them. The feet of Marvin were on his shaft and rubbing on his sides, while fucking Nick's foot with every push. It doesn't took long that he moaned and blow his cum into the smooth and sexy sole of Nick. They left the blonde boy restrained on the ground, while leaving the room.]

[After a while Melvin's little brother Miles (13) entered the room, finding a restrained and an unconscious boy before him. He first thought about helping them but his bulge said something else. Both Nick and Johannes slept and Miles wanted it to stay like this. He slowly moved towards Johannes feet. As he saw them, he couldn't help but to touch them. Miles began to feel his feet, wanting to know how deep he slept. After he was sure neither he or an elephant could wake him up, he started to smell his feet. While he was doing so, Johannes stretched his toes in his sleep, pushing his big toe through Miles lips. Miles didn't moved an Inch after this, but slowly sucking on the boys toe. After a few minutes Miles continued his smelling but shortly after he gave his sole a huge lick. It was his first time, licking the feet of someone other than his brother Melvin. He licked slow and deep licks over the boys foot, enjoying every single one of them. As he started to suck his toes, he noticed how uncomftable it was to bow over the boys feet, since Johannes still layed on the bed. Miles tried to place himself on the bed, with his head at Johannes feet. It worked(!) and Miles continued to suck on the smooth toes. He licked his toes one by one and then pressed his nose into them. He loved the smell of his toes even more than that of his brothers. Miles was so into his feet, that he didn't noticed the small movements they made. Slowly Johannes opened his eyes, facing a pair of young feet that made him drool. Then he checked the body belonging to the feet. His eyes wandered down, over the shirtless chest to the nose stucking between his toes. Johannes closed his eyes as Miles looked up (or down?). Miles was sure Johannes was still asleep, so he might do something risky. He noticed that Johannes mouth was open a bit, just enough to fit his toes into it. He slowly moved his right foot to his lips that has closed a bit. As Miles toes touched his lips Johannes opened his mouth a little bit to let them past. They successfully slipped into his mouth, touching his warm tongue. Miles wiggled them a bit and soon after he felt his tongue licking at and between them. Johannes was happy to lick and suck on his cold, tiny toes. Miles was still thinking he was asleep, that he just licks them instinctively. After another 10 minutes Miles noticed that Johannes wiggled his toes inside his mouth. He looked up(or down) and saw him watching. Miles paniced and removed his toes from his mouth.]

Miles: I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't wan-
Johannes: Calm down, it's fine.
Miles: R-really?
Johannes: Yeah, I quite enjoyed it to be honest. But...who are you?
Miles: I'm Melvin's brother from 9d. Are you one of my brothers classmates?
Johannes: Not exactly but we are friends. By the way, where is everyone?
Miles: I'm not sure, but there is another boy in the room...restrained...what have you done here?
Johannes: I'm not sure myself and restained you said?
Miles: Yeah, down here. [He looked to Nick on the ground]
Johannes: Sock in the mouth, restrained and sperm all over his feet? They didn't were really nice to him.
Miles: Sure. What now?
Johannes: Well...I am really horny right now and your feet are an Inch away from my dick.
Miles: [Blush] Do you want me to do it or do you want to make it yourself?
Johannes: I like both ideas you know.

[Johannes slowly opened his zipper and let his pants down. His hard dick pressed against his white undershorts. The sixteen year old boy then pulled them down revealing his dick to the thirteen year old. Johannes slowly pulled Miles feet towards his dick, placing his soles right in front of his it. Before Johannes even moved, Miles began to rub his feet against his dick. Johannes enjoyed the young boys feet rubbing against his shaft again and again. He then grabbed one and moved him to his mouth, licking all over the smooth sole, while pushing his cock into the other. He moaned between the licks and fucked even harder. Miles also pulled down his pants to masturbate but Johannes put his foot down and leaned forward. Johannes saw the hard cock and began to suck it. Miles used his Hands to push his cock deeper into his mouth while using both of his feet now at his. After a while Miles came into his mouth and Johannes sucked every drop of sperm away. Soon after Miles, Johannes came into the young feet, smearing his sperm all over his them. After they came they kissed and licked there feet for a while....]

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