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by Naziba
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when you know that you are not normal
No one ever asked me what it felt to be like me .To feel what it felt to be alive every day. To feel another second of pain everyday .Sometimes I blame the world for not asking me and sometimes I feel thankful for them not asking me .What if I myself canât handle the truth ?What if everything starts becoming a bit more real than I want it to be. I am happy that they donât .I donât want them to know what I feel/I donât want them to see what the walls around me see to hear what they hear. I donât want them to see me talking to people .People that does not exist. People who come and go whenever they want to. People whose presence makes me feel hopeful, imaginative and happy. People whose departure leaves me vulnerable and scared .I can am afraid that world will get to know about my secret .About my life .About my friends .But I need to know that this has happened before that this is normal, that people often come and go, that people often imagine. It never felt too good to be like me .It never felt too good to catch your boyfriend staring at other girls. It never felt too good to be able to relate to every sad song .It never felt too good to see your mother crying .It never felt too good to be me.

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