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a synopsis of a life as viewed by the Skeleton
I started off in life in an environment that encouraged growth and development. My family provided me with all the essential nutrients. I had plenty of sunshine and space to grow and grow I did to almost 6 foot tall which is slightly unusual for my sex, female.

I was treated roughly in my middle childhood, with several broken bones from rough housing with others of my kind. Still I had the proper nutrients and the sunshine I needed to grow nice and tall.

In my mid teen years my life took a rapid twist for the worse, suddenly I did not have enough food or sunshine. My shell started to grow weaker and weaker. Also I was suddenly having more and more broken or dislocated bones that were not normal for one of my standards.

When, I was found my shell was dead and gone, my stuffing spilled to the ground and rotted away, my bones broken in multiple places and my skull was crushed with a blunt object.

Who was I? I was the victim of a teenage romance gone very wrong.t
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