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Dreams. Love. Diamonds.

Your eyes, like the stars above me; the waters that calm me,
I'd wrap my heart around yours and drown in those eyes.
Those same eyes I would watch all night, under candlelight,
By the sea, or a lake, or anything that could reflect those eyes.

I'd take you by the hand; we'd walk to a safe place, only we know,
With careful strides I'd guide you, my gaze never leaving those eyes.
Warm breezes, whispering trees, you'd lay with me all night,
Silken skin, lonely hearts, moon winking down into those eyes.

Rolling waves, crashing shores, hair dancing across skin,
Coquettish eyelashes; laced fingers and compressed feelings.
Tracing fingers across cheeks, blood rushing to meet half way,
Her eyes, my eyes, behind both lenses focal and fake.

She steals my breath and my heart as we fade to grey,
Promise me one thing, that we never change.

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