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by Angel
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An Historical Dilemma
Yes Pomona
You know you said the other day that you would do anything for me.
Of course I would, what is it, I would write you a song, travel the world and slay dragons for you, you know that.
Well, this might be a little trickier than dragons I'm afraid.
What could be harder than dragons?
Well, you see you know that beautiful song you sang for me.
Which one, I've sung so many.
Yes well, that is true, but the very special one.
Oh, that one well yes, what about it.
There's something you need to talk to my Father about.
I'm not sure I can talk to your Father about anything he's the King after all.
I'm aware of that, but on this occasion, you're really going to have to talk to him about our special song.
Because I think it's going to become something more than just a song, you know something like a movement, a symphony eventually.
I don't understand!
Neither do I really, it was how Nanny explained it to me.
So is that what I say to your Father.
I don't know, she just said that we don't have very long before we must explain about the special song, oh and that you weren't to play that special song for me again, however much I liked it. Oh and she said something else, 'Pomona, you're not supposed to enjoy it' with that pinched look on her face she gets when she's angry. I didn't really understand that bit either. I just know that you have to explain to Father about our special song as soon as possible because it's important. However, I was just thinking, I don't suppose you could just play me that special song again before you talk to Father, because I'm getting an impression that it's perhaps not going to go well?
I'm thinking that's a good idea, then I can perhaps talk to your Father tomorrow after a good night's sleep...

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