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by LO
Rated: E · Fiction · Women's · #2081897
Do you ever really regret the things you do?
"If you don't take chances," said the man in the striped pajamas, "you might as well not be alive." He stood in the doorway, challenging me to join him for a dance in the rain outside.

“Really? Didn’t that Harry Potter author say that?” I stood there with my hands on my hips and my head tipped looking at him. He’s crazy! I did NOT like the idea of running outside in my yoga pants and cami in the dark, cold rain. Seriously? Who does that? I have work to finish. There are dishes to wash, laundry to fold. What if I got sick? Then nothing would get done. What if…

“Who cares who said it? I just said it and you need to lighten up. Come on! Live a little! You don’t want your kids to call you lame do you?”

“My students already call me lame. Why would I care about it now? Let me go back to work, Fred.”

“No, it’s 8:00, and you have been grading essays ever since you got home. It’s time for a break. You NEED this.” Fred grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door into our backyard. The radio was playing in the open kitchen window. I could hear our song playing Allison Krauss When You Say Nothing At All. I couldn’t help but give in. I love this song, and I love this man. Do my kids really care how long it takes me to grade their essays?

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes as he swung me around to slow dance with him, in the rain, in the grass, in the light of our back porch.
The grass was damp and cool. It felt refreshing on my feet. They felt so free after being in my heels all day and then in my slippers. The cuffs of my pants started to hang heavy from the dampness. I could feel the rain on my shoulders and dripping down my ponytail to my back. I felt myself give in to the mood, though. The drizzle wasn’t so cold. It was actually one of those warm, refreshing, drenching spring rains that make everything come alive, at least it was making me come alive. I felt all of my end of school year worries being washed away. I forgot about the housework and the school work for a few minutes. My mind felt free from everything. I couldn’t help but smile. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as the song ended.

“I love you,” I whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he whispered back. “See that wasn’t such a bad risk was it?”

We continued to dance to the radio. Soon we were both laughing. I was twirling and swaying to song after song. He was looking at me with that goofy Cheshire cat grin of his. As always, he was right, no matter how ridiculous he looked in those old man pajamas, he was right. I needed this.

“This was fun. I forgot how much I love a good spring rain. I did need it, and I needed you to remind me to have some fun. That’s why I married you, you know.” I grinned at Fred.

“It’s good to know the real reason,” he grinned back. “Are you ready to go back to work now?”

“Never! Let’s go for a walk instead. I’ll get my shoes.”

“Me too.”

We walked for the next hour. It has been too long since we went on a good long walk and just talked. The rain stopped while we were walking and the stars came out. It turned into a beautiful night. I could hear the spring peepers singing and every so often I saw a bat circle overhead catching the first mosquitoes. I’m so glad he made me get away from my work for a little while. It is so easy to forget the really important things and to think housework and job work is the most important. Really living and appreciating life is what’s important. Really seeing what is around you is what’s important. Dancing in the rain is what’s important. Being alive is what’s important. Although I sometimes forget, I’ve never regretted taking time to see what is around me.
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