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Mario is standing on my foot.
Mario is standing on my foot
We are in the diner, I’ve just ordered roast beef and Mario approached me. I’m sitting in a booth with leather seats, it has three cushions and the middle one is blue. This continues on the back cushion. So Mario comes over to me while I’m sitting down sipping my fountain poured coca-cola through a straw and says “Heya pal, how’s ya hangin’? A lil’ to the left, or a lil’ to the right.” Mario is standing on my foot.

I say “How ya been Mario? Is your ma healing up well from her surgery?” Mario’s head sways backwards from the ignition force of a smirk appearing on his face “Yep. She sure is.” He’s eyeing me with suspicion and dominance. I don’t like it. I don’t understand why guys like this exist. What purpose do they serve, really? When you think about it... what I mean is they just usually cause fights, commit crimes. That sort of stuff. He’s gloating his dominace over me. Why else would he be standing above me looking down. Effectively he has trapped me in a corner. I couldnt get out if i wanted to, which I do. But the social pressures of this situation, and my own desire to leave this diner with my pride intact, not to mention my belly inflated from roast beef and potatoes with loads of gravy. Mario says “ How’s your mom? She still doing your laundry pencil-neck.?” What a mongoloid, I think. This asshole really thinks he’s better than me and all he does it rub it in my face. I don’t like this one bit.

It was at this point that I noticed how introspective I was being. I’d be talking to Clint for a few minutes just trying to make small talk. And I could feel his anxiousness. Was I making him uncomfortable? I hope not. I’m just trying to be friendly but somebody always has to have a problem with me. So fine, my response...I’ll have a problem with you before you get the chance to have one with me. So I began to fidget and move my feet about. Shit, I think I was standing on his foot. Oh man, maybe that’s what made him look so uncomfortable. Oh well, hopefully it’ll blow over. I mean, it was a simple mistake. Clint’s pretty good natured. I’m sure he hardly noticed.
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